2014-03-19 The new kind of performance extrusion melt pump system

And using the pressurized melt pump it with the measured characteristics of a single-screw extruder series combination, which can form a melt pump extrusion performance of the new system. The basic idea of ??constructing this extrusion syst

2014-03-19 Zhengzhou Batte, steady flow of the melt pump working principle

Melt pump , resistance occurs when the outlet of the pump, such as the filter, or a filter plate mold produced, the pump cylinder barrel gear like a piston, the embodiment of the discharge zone the melt extrusion role in order to achieve th

2014-03-19 Batte melt pump installation and use

Zhengzhou BATTE melt pump offers three installation methods : a drive shaft mounted horizontally , the drive shaft is installed facing up , install the drive shaft down , depending on the location and convenience of the site to select the i

2014-03-18 The main features of Bart melt pump

1 . The extrusion products to minimize dimensional tolerances , material per unit weight of the system out more products. In extrusion products require strict dimensional tolerances or products more expensive raw material costs , the use of

2014-03-17 Batte: melt gear pump can not be ignored

Batte: melt gear pump can not be ignored On-board sheet, pipe , biaxially oriented film , fiber optic cable and other products produced in the extrusion process , a melt gear pump mounted on the extrusion equipment is necessary . What melt

2014-03-17 Company dedicated to promote the new rubber melt pump

Stability rubber for melt pump has a crucial impact on the quality of the extruded product. In a single screw extruder, a melt pump for rubber to various forces in the screw speed fluctuations can vary, but also greatly reduces the increase

2014-03-15 Melt extrusion pump to increase production

Extrusion output increases , generally when the pressure within the extruder is increased , the amount of counter-current flow increases and the drain , causing the entire flow rate. While advancing the screw drive material consumed power i

2014-03-15 Melt pump can improve the quality of products, reduce material waste

improve the quality of products in the absence of melt gear pump extruder screw conveyor taste due to the instability of the material is not sufficient, the material in the melting or softening point of unstable solid bed broken, do not feed

2014-03-14 Precautions melt pump

Avoid low interference In the extrusion process, the plastic material concerned, from a solid to a molten state should have sufficient soak time . If the extruder before the start of production has not yet reached operating temperature , th

2014-03-14 Melt pump of installed correctly

Damage usually melt pressure sensors are not appropriate due to its mounting position caused . If the force sensor is mounted in the hole is too small or irregularly shaped holes in the film is likely to cause vibration and impact damage to