2014-03-22 Batte company's high temperature high pressure melt pump promotion of high priority

Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou handsome European brand produced mainly by the melt pump casing, front and rear side cover, gear shafts, bearings and shaft seal. Shuai European brand melt pump are positive displaceme

2014-03-22 Batte company produces plastic extrusion machine for melt pump works

Batte Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. production of plastic extrusion machine for melt pump works: Plastic extrusion machine for melt pump pumps belong to a special high-temperature melt products, relying on mutual engagement

2014-03-21 Energy saving, precision, high efficiency, the development direction of plastic processing

Energy saving, precision and high efficiency is not only a tactical problem in plastic processing industry and equipment manufacturing industry development in our country, and is a strategic issue. Because it is and the development of our co

2014-03-21 The higher the precision of the molded plastic article, the better the economy

Precision refers to the precision of the molding plastic products. For extrusion molding, is to improve the extrusion tube, rod, plate, wire diameter or thickness tolerance and repeat precision; For injection molding, is to increase the weig

2014-03-21 Melt pump should be the most basic conditions

Melt pump should be the most basic conditions: ● light weight, low consumption of metallic materials; ● Compact, small footprint, small footprint; ● save energy, water and hydraulic energy; ● Simple structure, small number of parts,

2014-03-19 The new kind of performance extrusion melt pump system

And using the pressurized melt pump it with the measured characteristics of a single-screw extruder series combination, which can form a melt pump extrusion performance of the new system. The basic idea of ??constructing this extrusion syst

2014-03-19 Zhengzhou Batte, steady flow of the melt pump working principle

Melt pump , resistance occurs when the outlet of the pump, such as the filter, or a filter plate mold produced, the pump cylinder barrel gear like a piston, the embodiment of the discharge zone the melt extrusion role in order to achieve th

2014-03-19 Batte melt pump installation and use

Zhengzhou BATTE melt pump offers three installation methods : a drive shaft mounted horizontally , the drive shaft is installed facing up , install the drive shaft down , depending on the location and convenience of the site to select the i

2014-03-18 The main features of Bart melt pump

1 . The extrusion products to minimize dimensional tolerances , material per unit weight of the system out more products. In extrusion products require strict dimensional tolerances or products more expensive raw material costs , the use of

2014-03-17 Batte: melt gear pump can not be ignored

Batte: melt gear pump can not be ignored On-board sheet, pipe , biaxially oriented film , fiber optic cable and other products produced in the extrusion process , a melt gear pump mounted on the extrusion equipment is necessary . What melt