2024-07-13 Precautions for using pipeline melt pump

Pipeline melt pump is a widely used conveying equipment in chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries, mainly used for conveying special media such as high temperature, high viscosity, flammability and explosiveness. This article will provide a detailed introduction to the precautions for using pipeline melt pumps. Precautions for using pipeline melt pump: 1.When installing a pipeline melt pump, it should be ensured that the pump body is tightly connected to the pipeline to prevent medium leakage. 2.Before starting the pipeline melt pump, check whether the motor, bearings and other co

2024-07-11 Where should the melt metering pump be installed on the extrusion production line?

The melt metering pump is one of the very important equipment in the extrusion production line. It can transport materials to the extruder according to the preset ratio and flow rate to ensure the stability of the production line and product quality. However, where should the melt metering pump be installed on the extruder during installation? This article will introduce the correct installation position of the melt metering pump on the extruder. Firstly, the installation position of the melt metering pump should ensure its normal operation while avoiding unnecessary troubles. Generally speaki

2024-07-10 Characteristics of PET granulated plastic extruder melt pump

The PET granulated plastic extruder melt pump has the following characteristics: 1. High precision: The PET granulated plastic extruder melt pump can pump the melt at a stable pressure and flow rate to the outlet of the extruder, ensuring the quality and dimensional accuracy of plastic products. 2. High pressure: The PET granulated plastic extruder melt pump can provide up to tens of megapascals of pressure to meet the demand for extruding high-quality plastic products. 3. High efficiency: The PET granulated plastic extruder melt pump can quickly pump the melt to the outlet of the extruder, th

2024-07-08 Composition and operation method of melt pump control system

The basic components of the melt pump control system include sensors: temperature sensors (such as PT100 thermistors), pressure sensors (transmitters), displacement sensors, etc; Controller: intelligent instruments, PLC, etc; Actuators: electric heating plates, electric heating rods, variable frequency motors, frequency converters, etc. The melt pump control system is an important component to ensure the stable operation of the melt pump. Combined with the melt pump, it can comprehensively control pressure, temperature, flow rate, and speed, and achieve automatic or manual control functions. T

2024-07-06 How to solve the vibration noise of the melt gear pump?

When we find that the suction viscosity of the equipment is too high, the root cause may be that the medium viscosity is too thick, leading to poor flow. To effectively solve this problem, we can take measures to reduce viscosity, such as adding diluents or heating media to enhance its fluidity, thereby improving the efficiency of the equipment. If the wear clearance of the bearings is too large, the operation of the equipment will be seriously affected. In order to restore the normal operation of the equipment, we need to replace severely worn bearings in a timely manner. Choosing high-qualit

2024-07-05 Melt pump for 100% recycling PET film extrusion production line

The application of melt pumps in 100% recycled PET film extrusion production lines not only optimizes production efficiency, but also plays a key role in the field of environmental protection. With the increasing global demand for sustainability and environmental protection, melt pumps have become an important tool in the PET film recycling industry due to their unique performance and advantages. The melt pump is mainly responsible for stabilizing and accurately controlling the flow rate and pressure of molten PET during the PET film recovery process. Its high-precision metering function ensur

2024-07-04 0.2mm PP sheet extruder melt gear pump

The application range of the 0.2mm polypropylene sheet extruder melt pump is wide, covering multiple industrial fields. In the production of plastic films, the stability and accuracy of the melt pump are crucial for ensuring the uniformity and quality of the film. The 0.2mm polypropylene sheet extruder melt pump ensures the uniformity and consistency of the film by precisely controlling the flow rate and pressure of the melt, greatly improving the quality and competitiveness of the product. In the packaging industry, polypropylene sheets are widely used for packaging products such as food and

2024-07-01 Key factors for the normal operation of melt metering pumps

As a key equipment in modern industrial production, the stability and reliability of melt pumps are crucial for the entire production process. Under normal operating conditions, the melt pump can maintain a stable flow output without external environmental interference, ensuring the continuity and efficiency of the production process. However, some characteristics of the melt itself, especially its temperature, often become key factors affecting the normal operation of the melt metering pump. The instability of melt temperature, whether too high or too low, will have a significant impact on th

2024-06-29 Usage of melt metering pump

The method of using a melt metering pump is as follows: 1. Carefully open the packaging of the pump and carefully inspect to ensure that the pump is not damaged or any components are missing. Any impact or fall can cause serious damage, so it is recommended to use appropriate installation methods, such as using lifting rings for installation. 2. Accurately determine the inlet and outlet of the pump during installation, ensuring that the pump shaft rotates clockwise. At the same time, when installing the motor, reducer, universal coupling, and pump, the pump must be fixed on the base to ensure

2024-06-28 melt gear pump for plastic pp pipe extrusion line

The melt gear pump of the plastic PP pipe extrusion production line, as a key equipment on the production line, its performance stability and accuracy have a decisive impact on the efficiency and quality of the entire production process. In the design and production process of the melt gear pump, we always adhere to the principles of innovation and quality first, to ensure that every detail is strictly controlled and optimized. During the operation of the melt gear pump, we pay special attention to its sealing and wear resistance. Sealing is the key to ensuring that the melt does not leak, and