2022-05-19 Batte rubber extruder melt gear pump advantages

Batte melt pump for rubber extrusion is used in the extrusion system of elastomers and easily degradable plastics. This type of pump adopts a special internal structure and has efficient self-cleaning function. It is suitable for the extrusion of rubber elastomers. It is generally installed at the outlet of the extruder and the die Do booster and voltage regulator metering between the heads. With a special drive for continuous transmission of plasticized materials, it can stabilize the pressure uniformity, especially for the downstream part of the screw, to improve the uniformity of screw conv

2022-05-07 What are the disadvantages of the mechanical seal of melt pump?

In order to keep the melt pump in a good running state, reduce the times of shutdown and maintenance, and then reduce the times of pump lifting and lowering load, the technical transformation of the mechanical seal is carried out from prolonging the service life of the mechanical seal. The welded bellows mechanical seal is adopted to reduce the leakage point of the mechanical seal and improve the service life of the mechanical seal. The mechanical seal structure used in the melt pump has the following deficiencies after a period of use: 1. The stress of O-ring or packing is released after long

2022-02-24 Reasons and Countermeasures of Melt Pump Coupling Tripping

The melt pump is the discharge pump of the final polymerization reactor, and it is the power equipment for the polyester plant to deliver the melt to the downstream short fiber and filament plant, and it is one of the key equipment of the polyester plant. However, 10 months after the start of the polyester plant, the coupling of the melt pump has been tripped for many times, causing the product quality of the plant to fluctuate greatly and causing huge economic losses to the enterprise. This paper makes a comprehensive analysis of the factors that affect the tripping of the melt gear pump coup

2021-12-09 The working condition of the sliding bearing affects the efficiency of the melt pump

Working principle of melt booster pump: Polymer melt booster pump is a positive displacement pump, and it relies on the change of working volume caused by the meshing of the main and driven gears to transport the melt. The working volume is composed of the pump body, the tooth groove of the gear and the bearing with the function of the side plate. When the gear rotates, the melt enters the tooth grooves of the two gears in the suction cavity. As the gear rotates, the melt is brought into the discharge cavity from both sides, and the gear meshes again, so that the melt in the tooth groove is sq

2021-11-03 Three commonly used forms of PP meltblown metering pump gears

PP melt blown metering pump is a kind of melt pump , which is mainly used in melt blown production line. Its function is to measure, control output and fiber fineness, and deliver the melt to the spinneret continuously and evenly. Zhengzhou Bart provides gears for melt blown metering pumps. There are three standard types of gears and some special designs such as narrower or wider gears. Straight teeth, helical teeth and herringbone teeth are our standard gear forms. These gear forms have different characteristics, and the selection of these characteristics is very important. Straight tooth Str

2021-10-29 How much do you know about the quick screen changer

Before using a product, you must have a clear understanding before you can use it better. How much do you know about the quick screen changer? 1. The quick screen changer adopts a built-in sealing device with good sealing performance, which can meet the production of high extrusion volume of any polymer, and can be used in conjunction with extruders of different standards. 2. Fast screen change time is less than 2 seconds, and the filter area can be selected between 30mm-250mm. 3. The filter design with high wear resistance, high pressure resistance and high precision can improve the effective

2021-09-27 Why is a plastic extrusion line equipped with a melt pump?

The basic design of the melt pump determines that the dimensional error of the product can be well controlled at the time, especially in the profile extrusion process, because the specification control is extremely important, which is very important for the quality of the final product. By reducing the pressure fluctuation and giving a more stable die pressure, the melt pump can draw the dimensional error of the extruded product very well (usually plus or minus 5%). Can significantly increase product output and save materials, which is the first major benefit of installing a melt pump. The bas

2021-09-23 What are the characteristics of micro precision melt gear pump?

The pump head materials of micro precision melt gear pump are various and optional. It is suitable for the measurement, transportation and sampling of various acids, alkalis, solvents and various chemical additives. The flow control of the pump can be realized by using controllers such as AC, brushless DC motor and pneumatic motor. It can be applied to high differential pressure, high system pressure and wide medium viscosity range. The high precision of micro precision melt gear pump ensures the accuracy and repeatability of flow. It is especially suitable for non pulsating precision metering

2021-09-16 Melt pump manufacturers share some parameters of melt viscosity

What is the viscosity of the material? The melt pump is suitable for the extrusion process of PS, PP, PET, PVC, PC, PMMA, PA, ABS, PE-LLD and other materials. The viscosity of the conveyed material is also very different. The viscosity of the material will affect the speed of the melt pump. Generally, the viscosity of the material is large, which means that it is thicker, the fluidity is relatively poor, and the speed of the melt pump is relatively small; the viscosity of the material is small, which means that it is thinner, the fluidity is better, and the speed is relatively large. What fact

2021-09-06 How to monitor the melt pump when it is running

When the melt pump is running, it needs monitoring data to determine whether the equipment is operating normally, so what data need to be monitored? 1. The flow of the machine head changes with the change of outlet pressure, and the outlet pressure must be constant. Generally speaking, the fluctuation of outlet pressure shall not exceed 10psi (1psi=0.00689Mpa). Large fluctuations are usually transmission problems, requiring motor technicians to adjust transmission parameters. This problem can als