ZB-B Series Melt Pump for Extruder

Melt Pump for Extruder Application field:Technical polymers, e. g. PET, PBT, PA, PC, PB and are mainly used for extruder or pressurization......


Melt Pump for Extruder,Melt Pump

ZB-C Series Reinforced Melt Pump

ZB-C series reinforced melt pump is mainly used for stabilizing, pressurization and transportation of medium or high viscosity medium from the polymer flow layer......


Reinforced,Melt Pump

High efficiency melt pump for extrusion

High efficiency melt pump for extrusion is mainly used for transportation, pressurization and metering of high temperature or high viscosity polymer. 1). OEM services provided; 2). Excellent quality assurance; 3). Fast delivery; 4). Worldwide dealer or agent wanted. Bat...


melt pump for extrusion,melt pump

High pressure melt pump for extrusion Line

high pressure melt pump for extrusion Line,a full range of technical support and products with a mature research and development services, quality control, sales and service....


melt pump,High pressure melt pump,extrusion melt pump

melt pump for reactor in chemical industry

melt pump for reactor,melt pump for extrusion...


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