Pressure boosting pumps

Pressure boosting pumps,We manufacture and provide following product with good quality, reasonable price and best service...


boosting pump,Pressure boosting pump

Booster pump for polymer

Booster pump for polymer,The reduction of stress on the extruder by means of shifting the work pressure to the construction of the pump in the molten state;...


Booster pump,polymer Booster pump

High temperature melt pump for extrusion line

High temperature melt pump,melt extrusion gear pumps machine melt temperature increase after the amplitude is reduced, the corresponding process is easier to control the temperature....


High temperature melt pump,extrusion melt pump

ZB-F Series Melt Pumps for Oil Heating

ZB-F Series Melt Pumps for Oil Heating is configured with frequency motor, reducer and control system so as to vary the speed, make higher consistency in die pressure, thus improve the quality and quantity of extruded products....


Melt Pumps,Oil Heating Melt Pump

CE extrusion sheet extrusion melt pump

CE extrusion gear pump is introduced through the sealing sleeve, gear, bearing, flow, advantages, and other details....


CE extrusion gear pump