ZB-D Pipeline Pump

ZB-D Pipeline Pump is energy efficient, reliable performance. Seal with a mechanical seal mechanical seal combinations, using carbide material, wear seal. ...


Pipeline Pump,Pipeline melt Pump

Rubber Extruder melt pump ZB-R

Batte rubber extruder melt pump ZB-R is designed professionally for high-viscosity characteristics of rubber. ...


Rubber melt pump,Extruder melt pump,Rubber Extruder melt pump

Circular melt pump ZB-E

Circular melt pump is usually used for kinds of lab or low capacity extruders, for the high viscosity polymer metering, pressurizing and smooth conveyance....


Circular melt pump,melt pump

High Temperature & high pressure melt pump ZB-H

High Temperature high pressure melt pump ZB-H is based on the high temperature and high pressure conditions designed to achieve a major breakthrough in terms of temperatures and pressures. Applications: High Temperature high pressure melt p...


High Temperature melt pump,high pressure melt pump

Micro Extrusion Melt Pump

Micro Extrusion Melt Pump, it can not affect the pressure, temperature, and viscosity of these changing conditions. Providing a pressure pump between the extruder and die...


Extrusion Melt Pump,Micro Melt Pump