ZB-D Pipeline Pump

  • Theory:External Meshed Positive Displacement
  • Structure:Gear Pump
  • Power:Electric or oil
  • Pressure:High Pressure
  • Certificate:CE
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Products Details

batte zb-d series pipeline melt pump
pipeline gear melt pump for extrusion

      ZB-D Pipeline Pump  is energy efficient, reliable performance. Seal with a mechanical seal mechanical seal combinations, using carbide material, wear seal. Can effectively extend the service life of the mechanical seal. For petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electricity, paper, food and pharmaceutical and synthetic fiber industries.

pipeline melt pump
pipeline melt pump


  1 Melt pump in use should be carefully checked before installation is complete model specifications applicable, and say read the fine manual.

  2 before installing the pump must be used carefully check all parts for loose fasteners, must re-tighten if loose.

  3 Install piping can not be directly supported on the outlet flange of the pump, you must separate the anchor to prevent deformation damage to the pump.

  4. Pump fluid should be free of sediment transport, particles and long fiber material to prevent blockage resulting in gear and mechanical seal damage.

  5 Clear the pump casing, pump cover, gear and outside dirt impurities washed away after careful examination, no damage can continue to use.

  6 Clear the combination of internal and external mechanical seal and flush the dirt, impurities, check the seal face wear, abrasion or scratch smaller fine metallographic sandpaper can be used on flat grinding to continue to use the flat trace, not by grinding Consumers take the scars to be replaced.

pipeline melt gear pump
pipeline gear melt pump for extrusion


  Housing: stainless steel

  Gear: M2 steel, other materials can be specified

  Friction bearings: high temperature tool steel,stainless steel

  Shaft seal: spiral seal, packing seal

  Heating system: heat medium heating, conduction oil

  Specification/flow range: 0.5CC-2500CC,0.5cm3/rev - 2500cm3/rev

  Viscosity: ≤40000 Pa.s

  Temperature: ≤400℃

  Clearing temperature: ≤450℃

  Input pressure: 0-12MPa

  Differential pressure: 25MPa

  Feature: with conduction oil heating system, it heats melt evenly,keeps temperature stable and then improve product quality greatly.

Packaging Details: Items are packed in wooden cases.
Delivery Detail: 5-6 Weeks