2023-11-08 Axial force analysis of gear in melt metering pump

The gear structure design of the melt metering pump plays a crucial role in the operation of the metering pump. If an ordinary involute helical gear with a pressure angle of 20 degrees is used, the helical gear can increase the meshing overlap of the melt metering pump gear, and can continuously and smoothly squeeze the material during meshing, reducing pressure fluctuations. In addition, helical gears also have a certain self-cleaning effect, which can avoid the deposition and decomposition of materials. polymer melt pump The gear of the melt metering pump adopts helical gears, which have gre

2023-11-04 Melt booster pump jamming and end cover leakage

The main reasons for the gear jamming and end cover leakage of the melt booster pump: Zhengzhou BATTE melt pump manufacturer, based on years of experience and analysis, believes that there are several reasons for the jamming and end cover leakage of the melt booster pump: 1. Due to the high assembly accuracy of the melt gear pump, the clearance between the gear shaft and the sliding bearing is 0.2 mm, while the sliding bearing and the gear shaft rely on self-lubrication of the melt material. The lubrication channel width of the sliding bearing is only 24 mm, and the lubrication flow is narrow.

2023-10-25 Why can adding special coatings inside the melt pump extend its lifespan?

We will add a special coating on the interior of high-end polymer melt pumps to increase lifespan and reduce wear. Why can this coating extend lifespan? This article will elaborate on this. melt pump for extrusion Lets take the precision equipment of automotive engines in daily life as an example to analyze. In Mercedes Benz and high-end car engines, a layer of coating is applied to the inner wall of the engine to protect the friction surface of the piston during movement, preventing it from being directly rubbed onto the inner wall material. Although engine oil is generally used as lubricatio

2023-10-19 What are the advantages of melt pump control systems for precision extrusion?

The melt pump control system is an important part of the melt pump extrusion system, capable of controlling the pressure, temperature and flow rate of the melt gear pump in an all-round way. The control of the extrusion pump can be realized manually or automatically through the control system, which can greatly reduce the fluctuation of the extruder outlet pressure caused by various factors, stabilize the pressure of the extrusion die head after the melt pump, and maximize the advantages of the melt pump in precision extrusion. Increase the control system, there are the following roles and adv

2023-10-17 Why should a melt pump be installed in a medical catheter precision extrusion line?

For metering feeding, melt pump, vacuum shaping cooling, online measurement and haul-off cutting are all important parts of precision extrusion, which are related to the quality and output of products. Such as melt gear pump, some manufacturers are reluctant to install, thinking that it has little effect on the quality. melt pump for extrusion Through practice, it has been proved that for high-precision extrusion production melt pump is to be installed, and to use high-precision melt pump, it is true that the extruder screw can play a role in the melt pump, mixing, extrusion, pumping, etc., bu

2023-10-12 What are the characteristics of high-temperature plastic sheet extrusion melt pumps?

The pump melt gear pump for plastic extruder is suitable for the transportation, pressurization, and metering of high-temperature and high viscosity polymer melts. It is generally installed between the outlet of the extruder and the head, and is widely used in polymer extrusion molding such as granulation, film, pipe, plate, and sheet materials. It can also be installed in pipelines to transport high viscosity pure materials. pump melt gear pump for plastic extruder Characteristics of plastic sheet extrusion melt pump: 1. Minimal pressure and flow pulsation can achieve linear output of flow, s

2023-10-08 Features of butyl adhesive melt pump gear pumps

Butyl hot melt adhesive melt pumps are suitable for conveying high viscosity and high strength melts, and are generally installed between the outlet of the extruder and the die head. It realizes the conveying, pressurizing and metering of the melt. butyl hot melt adhesive melt pump Features of butyl hot melt melt pump: 1. Extremely small pressure flow pulsation, can realize nearly linear output of flow, suitable for precision extrusion system. 2. For different working conditions, the use of diffe

2023-09-27 How to select the melt metering pump for the extruder?

The extruder system is equipped with a melt metering pump. To select a suitable model, the following operating conditions must be clearly understood: melt pump in extruder 1. The size of the output or the specification of the extruder used (the range of output needs to be clear); 2. Requirements for the inlet and outlet pressures of the melt pump (it is necessary to clearly define the pressure range of the conveyed material); 3. What specific fields are applied to (such as composite, sheet/film extrusion, rubber extrusion, etc.); polymer melt pump 4. Type and viscosity of transported polymers

2023-09-22 Introduction to Temperature Control Technology of High Temperature Melt Pump

During the production process of high-temperature melt pumps, three important temperature parameters need to be monitored and controlled, namely melt temperature, pump head temperature, and melt pipeline temperature. high temperature melt gear pump Among them, the melt temperature refers to the melt temperature before entering the melt pump, which needs to be controlled and monitored through devices such as heaters. The pump head temperature refers to the temperature near the outlet of the melt pump, which has a direct impact on product quality and production efficiency. Therefore, it is neces

2023-09-19 Application of High Temperature Melt Gear Pump in Microporous Plastic Forming

Microcellular plastics refer to foamed plastics with a cell diameter of 0.1~10 microns and a cell density of 109~1012 cells/cm3, which have excellent comprehensive properties. The foaming process of microcellular plastics generally goes through three stages, namely the nucleation of bubbles, the growth of bubbles, and the solidification and shaping of the foam body. Among them, high pressure and pressure drop rate are required during the nucleation process of bubbles, so high-temperature melt pumps can be used as nucleation devices. high temperature melt gear pump The high-temperature melt gea