2023-06-07 Melt gear pumps for thermosensitive materials

PVC is a thermosensitive material that is sensitive to temperature changes and is prone to carbonization, decomposition, and even coking during the extrusion process. The PVC series specialized melt gear pump adopts a horn shaped flow channel at its inlet, and the internal flow channel and gear structure are optimized. It is equipped with melt self-lubrication, and the lubricating materials are discharged with the materials. This structure is more suitable for the material characteristics of PVC. Advantages of PVC melt pump 1. Optimized melt channel design: eliminates dead corners in the chann

2023-06-02 How to represent the specifications of the melt pump?

The specifications of the melt pump range from 0.1cc to 12000cc. The specifications of the melt pump from small to large are 0.1cc, 0.5cc, 1cc, 2cc, 5cc, 10cc, 20cc, 31.5cc, 50cc, 100cc, 150cc, 200cc, 315cc, 500cc, 800cc, 1200cc, 2500cc, 3200cc, 4000cc, 6100cc, 8500cc, 12000cc, etc. Non standard customization can also be carried out according to the actual production needs of users. The X cc in the specifications of the melt pump refers to a displacement of X cc per revolution of the melt pump, which is 5cc melt pump. The displacement per revolution is 5cc, which is 5ml. Email: info@battemachi

2023-05-29 Characteristics and Application of Chemical Spinning Metering Pump

Introduction to extruder spinning melt pump for extrusion: The spinning metering pump, also known as gear pump, is mainly used to accurately measure, uniformly and continuously deliver the spinning melt or solution to the spinneret at a certain pressure, so as to ensure that the melt or solution can overcome the resistance of the spinning components, eject from the pores of the spinneret, and form fibers with uniform linear density. The working principle of the melt pump for spinning plant: When the spinning metering pump is working, the transmission shaft is inserted into the groove of the co

2023-05-27 What is the function of installing a metering melt pump on a small extruder in the laboratory?

An indispensable part of a small extruder with precision extrusion is a melt metering pump, a device that accurately measures flow rate, which can measure the capacity of polymers and increase fluid pressure. The main role of melt pump for extrusion in laboratory small-scale extrusion systems is: 1. Accurate measurement control; 2. Reduce the impact of screw oscillation; 3. Convey uniformly melted resin to the mold head; 4. Avoid uneven melting density; 5. Improve product quality; 6. Smaller product tolerances; 7. Save on raw materials. The role of a melt metering pump in extrusion stability i

2023-05-17 melt pump for film-blowing

Blowing film melt pumps are widely used for high and low viscosity polymer metering and pressurization, and plastic melt pump gear pumps are playing an increasingly important role in current extrusion processes. Especially in terms of high-end biaxially stretched films or blown film products, in order to meet the constantly increasing demand of end users in the plastic industry. Install a plastic melt metering gear pump in extrusion production, seamlessly combining the best continuous operation and performance with tightly packed parts. Improve the production efficiency of the extruder product

2023-05-05 Plastic sheet melt pump seal routine maintenance focus

As a professional plastic melt pump manufacturer in China, Zhengzhou Batte provides plastic sheet extruder melt pumps with great improvements in structure and performance; Battes new generation of plastic sheet melt pumps have not only been greatly enhanced in terms of energy saving and consumption reduction, but also improved the overall service life of plastic melt pumps. The following is a specific analysis of Zhengzhou Batte melt pump manufacturers plastic sheet melt pump seal routine maintenance focus. PET plastic extruder melt gear pump Plastic sheet polymer melt gear pump seal routine m

2023-04-21 Melt booster pump for large-sized pipelines

Pipeline booster melt pump is suitable for high-temperature and high viscosity polymer melt reaction transportation and pressurization that require high output pressure, such as resin, chemical fiber, and other industries. It is generally installed in melt pipelines and used as a booster pump. The large-sized melt booster gear pump models provided by Zhengzhou Batte range from 2000CC-12000CC. Technical parameters of pipeline melt booster pump Transmission medium viscosity: 3E-4~40000 Pa s (0.3~400000CP) Suction pressure: Vacuum (-0.00~-0.05MPa)~16MPa Output pressure: 0-35MPa Pressure differenc

2023-04-18 Welcome to visit Zhengzhou Bate Melt Pump Co., Ltd. 2023 Chinaplas

The CHINAPLAS International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition has grown with the growth of Chinas plastic and rubber industry for over 30 years, and has now developed into a well-known rubber and plastic industry exhibition in Asia, playing a positive role in promoting the development of Chinas rubber and plastic industry. At present, the CHINAPLAS International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition is not only a large exhibition in the plastic and rubber industry in Asia, but also recognized by industry insiders as the second largest exhibition in the rubber and plastic industry in the world, second only

2023-04-15 Plastic Recycling PP PET Plant strapping machine melt pump

The quantity of plant strapping machine used in the packaging industry is very large. There are nearly a thousand production lines in the Guangdong market, which are mostly produced using waste materials. There are many impurities and frequent screen changes, and all of them are manually shut down and replaced, resulting in a large amount of recycled materials and waste materials, which can easily form a vicious cycle. The strength of waste materials is inherently low. Recycling consumes energy, wastes labor, and the quality of reproduction products will also be reduced. Technical parameters o

2023-04-14 Precautions for selecting cross shaft universal coupling for melt gear pump

The torque between the melt gear pump and the motor is transmitted through a cross shaft universal coupling. Due to its large angle compensation ability, the cross shaft universal coupling has a compact structure, smooth operation without noise, strong load-bearing capacity, and a torque of over 6000KN M. It is widely used for high-power transmission with obvious energy-saving effects. When selecting a cross shaft universal coupling for polymer melt conveying gear pumps, the following points need to be noted. 1. It is necessary to clarify the size and category of the transmitted load: whether