Melt pump for 100% recycling PET film extrusion production line

The application of melt pumps in 100% recycled PET film extrusion production lines not only optimizes production efficiency, but also plays a key role in the field of environmental protection. With the increasing global demand for sustainability and environmental protection, melt pumps have become an important tool in the PET film recycling industry due to their unique performance and advantages.

The melt pump is mainly responsible for stabilizing and accurately controlling the flow rate and pressure of molten PET during the PET film recovery process. Its high-precision metering function ensures consistency in the quality of recycled PET films, enabling recycled products to achieve or approach the performance of native PET films. This not only enhances the market competitiveness of PET film recycling, but also further promotes the development of the PET film recycling industry.

PET film extrusion melt pump

In addition, the efficient operation and stable performance of the melt pump effectively reduce the energy consumption and maintenance costs of the recycling production line. By precisely controlling the flow rate and pressure of molten PET, the melt pump can reduce waste and defect rate in the production process, improve production efficiency and economic benefits. At the same time, the structural design and material selection of the melt pump also consider environmental factors, ensuring that it will not cause pollution to the environment during use.

With the advancement of technology and the increasing environmental requirements, the application of melt pumps in PET film recycling production lines will become increasingly widespread. In the future, we can expect the melt pump to play a greater role in improving the quality of recycled PET films, reducing production costs, and protecting the environment. At the same time, we also need to constantly explore and innovate to meet the growing demands and challenges of the PET film recycling industry.


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