2024-03-14 Explanation of friction bearing technology for melt metering pumps

Bearings are one of the core components of melt metering pumps. Materials and designs must be carefully selected and coordinated to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the metering pump. Usually, friction bearings are used for melt pump for extrusion. For this type of bearing, the inner diameter is slightly larger than the journal stored inside. The transported medium seeps into this small area through the lubrication groove, and through the lubrication groove, the medium in the bearing forms a hydrodynamic lubrication film. The shaft floats in the bearing. For friction bearings lubrica

2024-03-11 High temperature melt pump application, parameters and internal structure

High-temperature melt pumps are mainly used for transporting, pressurizing, and metering high-temperature and high-viscosity polymer melts. It has the characteristics of compact structure, reliable operation, low energy consumption, high volumetric efficiency, and small shearing effect on the melt. High-temperature melt pumps are usually used together with extruders in plastic processing. They can further homogenize the melt, provide stable flow at high temperatures and high pressures, no pulsation in material output, high volumetric efficiency, and small shearing effect on the melt. Thereby i

2024-03-07 What are the technical parameters of a high-temperature melt pump

The main technical parameters of a high-temperature melt pump include displacement, working temperature, working pressure, speed, torque, and driving power. Usually, the displacement, working temperature, and working pressure are clearly marked on the product of the high-temperature melt gear pump to indicate its conveying and boosting capacity. When selecting a high-temperature melt pump, multiply the displacement by the pump speed, volumetric efficiency, and melt density to see if the expected large output can be achieved. Choosing a small displacement melt pump has better economy, but the m

2024-03-04 How does the melt pump work?

The melt pump belongs to a positive displacement pump, which relies on the change in working volume caused by the meshing of the main and driven shafts to transport the melt during operation. The working volume is composed of the pump body, gear teeth, and bearings with side plate function. When the gears rotate, the melt enters the grooves of the two gears in the suction chamber. As the gears rotate, the melt is brought into the discharge chamber from both sides. The re meshing of the gears causes the melt in the grooves to be squeezed out of the discharge chamber and sent to the outlet pipel

2024-03-02 What are the steps for inspecting the melt pump of the extruder during the turning process?

1. Before heating the extruder melt pump, manually rotate the pump shaft in both forward and reverse directions (allowing for turning from the rear of the motor) at least once. The extruder melt pump should rotate flexibly, without jamming, abnormal noise, and vibration. 2. After the extruder melt pump heats up, manually turn it in both forward and reverse directions (allowing it to be turned from the rear of the motor), and rotate the pump shaft in both directions for at least one revolution. The extruder melt gear pump should rotate flexibly, without jamming, abnormal noise, and vibration. 3

2024-02-24 How to determine the service life of a melt pump

In daily production, we need to do a good job in the maintenance and upkeep of the melt pump, which will to some extent extend the service life of the melt pump. What aspects can we use to determine the service life of the melt pump when making a purchase? Lubrication conditions for melt pumps Lubrication is crucial for the melt pump. When the friction index of the melt pump increases during long-term high-speed operation, the use of lubricating oil will appropriately reduce friction, avoid component wear, and also avoid other faults caused by heating of the melt pump, thereby extending the se

2024-02-23 Is cleaning the melt pump ineffective?

In order to effectively extend the service life of the melt pump, it is necessary to clean it regularly after use. It is necessary to inject clean water into the pump, connect the power according to the usual steps, wait for heating and flow, and then proceed with the shutdown procedure. And what are the benefits of doing so? Next, the melt pump manufacturer will explain to you one by one. What are the benefits of doing this? Firstly, clean the internal impurities, ensure internal cleanliness, improve equipment operation efficiency, and reduce wear and tear. The second step is to avoid overlap

2024-02-20 Key Equipment for High Efficiency and High Precision Film Blowing Assisted by High Temperature Melt P

Blowing film technology is a common and important technique in the production process of plastic films. With the continuous development and progress of technology, the requirements for blown film technology are also increasing, especially in the application of high-temperature melt pumps. Blowing film high-temperature melt pump has a wide range of applications in plastic film production, mainly manifested in the following aspects: 1. Polyethylene film: Polyethylene film is a common plastic film widely used in packaging, agriculture, construction and other fields. The blown film high-temperatur

2024-01-31 Advantages of using extruder and melt pump together

BATTE offers a new generation of melt pumps with the advantages of high precision, no pulsation, and long service life. Equipped with melt pumps in the extruder system, the melt pumps can effectively reduce the tolerance of the extruded products and improve the quality of the final products. For some products with strict dimensional tolerance requirements, the use of melt pumps will effectively enhance the economic benefits of enterprises. Twin-screw extruder and melt pump combination of mixing, extrusion and pelletizing production line, the use of melt pump can effectively reduce the twin-scr

2024-01-30 Sheet extrusion melt pump application fields, composition and material

Extrusion melt pumps are widely used in the fields of sheet, blown and salivated films, spraying, textiles (fibers and nonwovens), EVA, compounding, pelletizing, and biodegradable materials. Under constant pressure, melt pumps have a lower shear stress design, which reduces the energy consumption of the extruder, lowers the working temperature and increases the output rate. Extruder melt pump structure is mainly composed of by the pump casing, front and rear side cover, gear shaft, sliding bearing and shaft seal. It has the following four main advantages: 1, very small pressure flow pulsation,