2018-06-15 How to adjust the sealing system of the melt pump

The new melt pump is 24 h before driving for the first time, and the clearance of the packing gland is generally 9 mm (the factory has been set at the factory); the filler is added to the silicone oil bubble and the silicone oil leakage to the pump is normal. Before the preparation of the grain, the pressure control screw is used to guarantee the full discharge of the waste waste and the speed of the pressure control screw melt pump is controlled at 25 r/min. The pressure control screw rotates inward, pressure to show 0.3-0.5 MPa. When the melt pump reaches the normal production speed, seal ca

2018-06-07 Assembly of melt pump

1. before the assembly of the melt pump , a tank of lubricant, pump body, front and back cover plate, active and driven gear, sealing components and sealing gland should be assembled before lubrication. When assembling, please install the parts one by one in strict accordance with the disassembly sequence of each component, so that all parts are correctly reset. 2. before installing the bolts, melt the threaded parts with high temperature grease and tighten the bolts of the front and rear covers in diagonal way. Always remain free to rotate. If there is any stuck phenomenon, the melt pump must

2018-05-29 PVC resin production line dedicated melt pump

1.This PVC pipe extrusion melt pump is widely used for producing PVC water supply pipe,drainage pipe and high voltage cable protection pipe. 2.With CPVC pipe mold,it could also produce CPVC pipe. 3.It is consists of SJSZ series melt pump extruder ,mold,vacuum tank,spraying cooling tank,haul-off,cutting machine,stacker,and can produce PVC pipe from mixed powder directly. 4.The production line uses special designed screw and mold,which makes it easy forming,even plasticization,high capacity,stable running and easy operation. Batte Melt Pump Zhengzhou Co.,Ltd is a professional melt pumps manufact

2018-05-21 Effect of rubber extrusion melt pump on rubber extrusion line

With the continuous and stable development of rubber industry, the demand for rubber products is increasing. In particular, in recent years, family cars have been flying into the common peoples house, which has led to the great development of EPDM ethylene propylene rubber, NBR, SBR rubber materials and products, including sealing strips, resin modification, wires, cables, tubes and plastic runways, etc. Because of the particularity of rubber processing technology, the melt pump specially used for rubber is of great significance in the production line. The temperature control principle of gear

2018-05-02 Method of improving the service life of high temperature pump

1, because of the high temperature melt pump body running at high temperature, so the cold installation of piping should be equipped with hinge support, to prevent pipe displacement after heating. 2, the coupling must be heated up after the pump body is heated, so as to avoid additional torque when running. 3. When the high temperature melt pump starts, no pressure can be speeded up when the outlet pressure is not formed, so as to prevent premature damage of the shaft or bearing. 4. The temperature of the heat medium jacket of the high temperature melt pump body can be slightly lower than the

2018-04-23 Optimum application field of melt gear pump

As a manufacturing enterprise of large melt gear pump in China, batte has many years of experience in equipment development and production. It provides the best melt pump equipment for many plastics extrusion users in China, improves the efficiency of plastic extrusion line and creates more productive benefits for the plastic extrusion users. Below Lantai analyzes and explains the best application scope of melt gear pump. It is suitable for the extruder with poor pressure building, such as the co rotating twin screw extruder, multistage exhaust extruder, and so on. The application of the melt

2018-04-14 Application of high temperature melt pump in rubber extrusion machine

The application of high temperature melt pump in rubber and plastic extrusion machinery: the high temperature melt pump plays an important role in improving the quality of the melt, improving the safety of production and protecting the production equipment in the extrusion line of plastic and rubber. At the same time, melt pressure sensor is very sensitive to the original parts. Only proper installation and maintenance can make full use of its function. In addition, measuring the pressure through the filter and melt pump is also very important for ensuring the safety of production and optimizi

2018-03-30 Micro Measuring Melt Pump for Polyurethane Extruding

Micro Measuring Melt Pump perating Parameters: Outlet/Inlet: 1 outlet/ 1 inlet Flow per Outlet cc/rev: 3.2 cc/r Operating Temperature: 200C Max. Outlet Pressure: 8MPa Min. Inlet Pressure: 0.2MPa Rotate Speed: 10~200 r/min Shaft Sealing: Combined Sealine Micro Measuring Melt Pump Application 1. Polymer extrusion molding, such as granulation, film, pipe, plate, sheet, etc. 2. Transporting high-viscosity materials such as PC, PMMA, ABS, HIPS, PET, PVB, PS, PP, PA, PE, PVA and so on. 3. Simultaneously, transporting rubber, asphalt, paint, adhesives, coatings, lubricants, Polyalcohol and other non-

2018-03-30 High-Tech Melt Pump for Plastic Polymer Extrusion

special hardening metering gearing melt pump with high rigid which can bear high pressure for different materials (HOT-SELLING ): 1. adopt high-performance alloy through exquisite processing. 2. With special handling and grinding. 3. High abrasion, high temperature, high pressure. metering gearing melt pump Application: 1. It is extensively used for polymer extrusion molding, such as granulation, film, pipe, plate, sheet, etc. 2. Transporting high-viscosity materials such as PC, PMMA, ABS, HIPS, PET, PVB, PS, PP, PA, PE, PVA and so on. 3. Simultaneously, transporting rubber, asphalt, paint, ad

2018-03-30 High Quality Melt Gear Pump for Plastic Extrusion Line

Benifits of the metering pump melt gear pump 1. Stabilizing the output pressure---the pressure on extruder can be reduced by 30%-50% after using melt pumps. 2. improving the product quality 3. increasing the extrusion output---reducing pressure on screw and chaning the building pressure from screw to die to melt pump to die, so the screw can extrude the products with high efficiency. Mean while the back-pressure on the extruder can be adjusted, reducing the melt residence in screw cylinder, stabilizing the plasticizing process and improving the products quality and quantity. 4. prolonging the