2024-01-26 melt pump for polycarbonate

Melt pumps are used to pressurize and stabilize the flow of high temperature plastic melt from the extruder into the extruder head. Its ability to stabilize melt pressure and flow is superior to various types of extruders. Melt pumps are widely used in the extrusion molding of plastics, resins, rubber products, such as pelletizing, film, pipe, plate sheet and other industries. Advantages of using melt pumps for polymer extrusion: 1. Improved dimensional stability ---- effectively isolate the mold from fluctuations from upstream; 2. Controls melt quality ----- regulates extruder back pressure t

2024-01-25 Electric heating plastic extrusion melt pump

ZB-B series melt pump is a gear pump used in extrusion systems for thermoplastic materials, which is suitable for the extrusion and transportation of thermoplastic high viscosity polymer melts; Generally installed between the extruder outlet and the die head, used as a melt metering pump; It can also be installed in polymer melt pipelines for use as a booster pump. Working principle of extruder pump When the extruder pump is working, it relies on the change in working volume caused by the mutual meshing of the master and slave gears to transport the melt. When the gear rotates in the specified

2024-01-23 The benefits of using an extruder in conjunction with a melt pump

1. Optimized melt flow channel design, fewer dead corners, improved lubrication design scheme, effectively improving the quality of work in progress; 2. Optional built-in channels, and users can use channels for heating or cooling according to actual needs to better regulate temperature; 3. Improved gear parameter design and more precise machining clearance control make the output pressure of the melt pump more stable; 4. The improved lubrication and sealing structure reduces the resistance of the gear pump, reduces the load, and increases the working efficiency of the gear pump; Email: info@b

2024-01-18 Melt Pumps for Biodegradable Agricultural Film

Melt gear pumps for extrusion systems are referred to as melt pumps, also known as melt metering pumps or extrusion pumps, which can be used in various extrusion industries, such as sheet, plate, pipe, film, pelletizing, drawing, cable, co-extrusion, mixing, precision extrusion and other industries. It is suitable for the extrusion and transportation of thermoplastic high viscosity polymer melt; it is generally installed between the outlet of the extruder and the die head as a melt metering pump; it can also be installed in the polymer melt pipeline as a booster pump. Extruder melt pump materi

2024-01-16 Causes and solutions to hydraulic screen changer failures

In the process of using the hydraulic screen changer, the following common failures may occur. For these failures, we give specific solutions. 1. Material leakage: When using the hydraulic screen changer, material leakage may occur. This may be caused by the hydraulic screen changers bolts or front and rear flange connection bolts loosening. At this time, we can take the method of tightening the bolts to solve this problem. In addition, if the screen pressure of the hydraulic screen changer is too high, it may also lead to material leakage. We can appropriately reduce the screen pressure to av

2024-01-12 What are the materials and application scenarios for melt pumps?

Polymer melt pumps, as the core equipment in the polymer production process, can transport a wide range of materials, can be used under different pressure conditions, a variety of low-temperature, low-viscosity polymers to high-temperature, high-viscosity polymer reaction transport. Melt pump specific materials can be transported and what are the application scenarios? First, can be used in a variety of resins, chemical fibers, rubber and other industries polymer production process In the polymer reaction process, the materials that can be transported are: Other polymer materials industry in t

2024-01-10 How are melt pump speed and output calculated?

1, the melt pump speed per minute: RPM = n * f1/50/i; n is the rated speed of the motor; f1 is the frequency converter; i is the speed ratio of the gearbox. Example: 4-level motor rated speed n is 1450rpm, when the frequency converter f1 is 30HZ, speed ratio i is 29. melt pump speed per minute = 1450 * 30/50/29 = 30rpm 2, the melt pump hourly output: KG / H = CC * rpm * 60 * /1000; CC for the melt pump displacement; rpm for the melt pump speed per minute; for the melt density. Example: 100CC melt pump (melt pump displacement per revolution is 100ml), melt pump speed of 30 rpm, the density of t

2024-01-04 Why melt pump outlet pressure is low

Melt pump is one of the important key equipments in the field of polymer material molding and processing, which has the features of smooth flow, small pressure fluctuation and long service life. However, in practice, sometimes there will be a melt pump outlet pressure becomes low, which will not only affect the quality and yield of the product, but also increase production costs and maintenance costs. So, why the melt pump outlet pressure will become low? Polymer melt pump outlet pressure becomes low may have the following reasons: 1. Changes in the nature of the material The viscosity, densit

2023-12-25 Friction bearing technology for melt metering pumps explained

Bearings are one of the core components of melt metering pumps. Materials and designs must be carefully selected and coordinated to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the metering melt gear pump. Typically friction bearings are used in melt pump for extrusion. For this type of bearing, the inner diameter is slightly larger than the journal in which it is stored. The conveyed medium penetrates into this small area through a lubrication groove, through which the medium in the bearing forms a hydrodynamic lubrication film. The shaft floats in the bearing. In the case of friction bearings

2023-12-21 What are the common accessories for high temperature melt metering pumps?

Commonly used accessories for high temperature melt metering pumps include: gears, bushings, covers, drive system (motor + reducer), cross shaft universal coupling, electric heating rods, electric heating rings, cast copper heating plates, junction boxes, plugs, cold water rings, screw seals, thermocouples, pressure sensors and so on. high temperature melt pump gear Bushings for high temperature melt pumps High temperature melt pump cover High temperature melt pump motor Cross shaft universal coupling Electric heating rods For common specifications of high-temperature melt metering pump produc