2014-06-30 Plastic extrusion machine malfunction solutions of screw and barrel

Quality of work the screw and barrel combination of these two parts of the plasticized material, product quality and production efficiency, and have a significant impact. Their work quality and accuracy of the two parts of the manufacturing

2014-06-28 What is dual-axis drive pump?

Petrochemical industry occupies a very important position in the national economy, a key chemical process meltpump equipment as more and more peoples attention. Due to the nature of complex chemical medium, coupled with increasing demands o

2014-06-28 The action of Metal delivery pump

Metal delivery pump from a combination of three, a set of gear teeth of the pump aggregate body, together with the gear drive shaft, the motor for the power transmission to the gear shaft, a sleeve set in the drive shaft and the pump are linked together, for conveying the molten metal.

2014-06-27 Gear lubrication pump temperature control

Temperature control melt gear pump is once again focusing on the needs, the use of ZenithPEP-IIs role as a gear extruder back pressure drop will reduce polymer resides in the moment and make the machine more stable plasticizing process when

2014-06-27 The flow characteristics of gear pump

Internal gear pumps have a very small number of fluid lost because these fluids are used to smooth bearings and gears on both sides, and the pump will never be able to void-cooperation, it can not be discharged from the fluid outlet 100%, s

2014-06-26 Batte worth high-viscosity melt pump

Specializing in the production of high-viscosity melt pump is based on the needs of the petroleum, chemical, paint, oil, pharmaceuticals, dyes, food and other industries, research and development of new positive displacement pump, because t

2014-06-26 How to reduce vibration and noise gear pump

Cover both sides of the pump and gear pump as hard seal direct contact, if the contact surface flatness do not meet requirements, the pump at work easily sucked into the air; between Similarly, the pump cover and gland also in direct contac

2014-06-26 Professional production and sales of stainless steel gear pump

Working volume changes and rely on mobile stainless steel gear pump and gear pump cylinder formed between to transport liquid or pressurized rotary pump so that the outer structure of the double meshing gears. A pair of intermeshing gears o

2014-06-25 Development of melt gear pump booster plastic products industry

Fine customary high precision extrusion skills needed fine melt pump for extrusion can dispense subsequent processing techniques, the use of very well satisfied with the finished product needs to reach the decline along with information cos

2014-06-25 Application of melt spinning pump

Melt spinning pump is an important component of the chemical fiber spinning machine, also known as metering pumps. To control the flow supplied to the spinning solution or melt spinneret, thereby obtaining the resultant fiber fineness of co