2023-08-01 Application and Characteristics of Low Pressure and High Flow Electric Heating Melt Metering Pump

Low pressure and high flow electric heating melt gear pumps are mainly used in the production process of polymers such as resins, chemical fibers, and other industries. They are used for reaction transportation and pressurization of materials with lower viscosity, lower output pressure, and high flow rate, such as polymer solutions, adhesives, monomers, oligomers, prepolymers, and other materials. It is generally installed in the melt pipe as a Booster pump, and can also be installed in the electrically heated extruder system as a metering pump. The main characteristics of the electric heating

2023-07-26 PET packaging belt melt pump

Zhengzhou Batte Packaging Belt Special Melt Pump is mainly used for the transportation, pressurization, and metering of high-temperature and high viscosity polymer melts. According to the production process of packaging belts, Zhengzhou Batte Melt Pump Factory has improved the specialized packaging belt melt pump suitable for use with packaging belts; This pump is installed between the mold and the screen changer and is driven by a variable frequency motor. Using this melt pump on the packaging belt production line can significantly improve the stability of width and thickness dimensions, incr

2023-07-20 Drip irrigation with melt pump

Introduction to drip irrigation belt melt pump The drip irrigation belt melt metering pump is a positive displacement conveying device, and the flow rate is strictly proportional to the pump speed. Mainly composed of pump casing, driving gear, driven gear, sliding bearings, front and rear end plates, packing seals, etc. The feeding area, conveying area, and discharge area of the pump are composed of the tooth profile of two gears, the pump body, and the side cover plate. During operation, the melt is transported by the change in working volume caused by the mutual meshing of the main and drive

2023-07-18 Wire and cable enameled wire melt gear pump

Introduction to Wire Extruder Melt Pump Wire extruder melt pump, also known as extruder metering pump or extrusion pump, can be used in various extrusion industries, such as sheet, sheet, pipe, film, granulation, wire drawing, cable, co extrusion, mixing, precision extrusion, and other industries. The cable melt gear pump is a universal extrusion system melt gear pump. Suitable for extrusion and transportation of polymer melts from low viscosity to extremely high viscosity; Generally installed between the outlet of the extruder and the die head, used as a melt metering pump; It can also be ins

2023-07-13 Introduction to Rubber Melt Gear Pump and the Important Role of Gears

Rubber melt gear pumps are mainly used in rubber extrusion molding. Similar to plastic melt gear pumps, rubber melt gear pumps have a wide range of applications due to their hard working characteristics and strong adaptability to different types of rubber materials, machine head resistance, and operating conditions. They have obvious advantages in precision extrusion molding, rubber filtration processes, and rolling feeding, and have become a new hot topic in the international rubber and thermoplastic elastomer processing field, attracting widespread attention from industry insiders. Related r

2023-07-10 Melt gear pumps for rubber extrusion systems

Introduction to rubber extrusion melt pump: The optimized melt flow channel design of the rubber melt gear pump eliminates dead corners in the flow channel, avoids polymer residue, and improves the quality of the product. The rubber melt gear pump has a built-in cooling channel for more precise and fast temperature control. Technical parameters of Melt gear pumps for rubber extrusion systems Mooney viscosity: 120 Working temperature: 130 ℃ Cleaning temperature: 350 ℃ Outlet pressure: 70MPa Pressure difference: up to 50MPa Specification/flow range: 50CC -12000CC The installation of the melt

2023-07-10 Application, Parameters and Installation Mode of chemical stainless steel reactor kettle melt gear pu

Application of china melt pump for reactor kettle The high-pressure china melt pump for reactor kettle is generally installed at the bottom of the reactor and used as a feed pump. It is especially suitable for reaction transportation of high temperature and high viscosity polymer melts requiring high output pressure, such as resin, chemical fiber and other industries. The pump inlet of the bottom discharge pump is designed to be relatively large, making it convenient for high flow feeding at the bottom of the pump; And it has good self priming performance, which can be applied to the transport

2023-07-06 What are the characteristics of gear pumps for fluoropolymers?

The melt gear pump for fluoropolymer is designed to meet the unique processing requirements of fluorinated polymers such as FEP, ETFE, PTFE, PFA, PVDF. The pump body material for fluoropolymer gear pumps is made of nickel chromium superalloy, which provides excellent mechanical strength at high temperatures and high corrosion resistance. It is mainly used for pipes, profiles, coatings, and thin films. Zhengzhou BATTE melt pump can customize and design various specifications and models of polymer melt pumps, ranging from 0.1CC to 20000CC. It also provides equipment such as drive systems, contro

2023-07-04 Dual drive melt Booster pump

With the technical progress of petrochemical industry, large displacement and high pressure will become a necessary trend for the development of melt Booster pump. Downstream of the polymerization plant in petrochemical enterprises, a large granulation plant is generally required to prepare granular materials from the powdered raw materials obtained through polymerization. In this granulation device, it is common to use a large extruder in series with the melt Booster pump. The extruder completes the melting, plasticization, exhaust and mixing of raw materials with auxiliary materials. The mel

2023-06-20 Application of Melt Metering Pump in PGA Industry

Green and sustainable development is a global trend. As early as 2020, the goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2060 was proposed, and in recent years, it has gradually risen from a plastic restriction order to a plastic prohibition order. It can be foreseen that degradable materials have very high application value and development space in the future. Poly Glycolic acid (PGA) is a new type of green biodegradable material, which can be completely harmless degraded in soil, seawater and other natural environments in half a year to one year. It has been certified as a safe biodegradable plasti