2020-04-17 Advantages of installing melt metering pump in rubber and plastic extrusion equipment

The model of melt metering pump provided by Zhengzhou Batte ranges from 0.5cc to 12000cc. The so-called 0.5cc means that the constant displacement of melt metering pump is 0.5cc per revolution. What advantages can you not ignore when the commonly used rubber and plastic extrusion equipment (extruder, film blowing machine, calender, etc.) is equipped with melt metering pump ? The specific advantages are: it can accurately control the melt flow; it can reduce the impact of the melt pressure fluctuation on the die products; it can evenly transport the molten melt to the die; it can effectively im

2020-04-15 What are the advantages of melt pump for melt blown fabric

Due to the impact of the new coronavirus pneumonia, the supply of masks is in short supply, and as the core material of masks, the melt blown fabric can not meet the needs of todays mask manufacturers. Nowadays, there are thousands of enterprises engaged in mask production in the market, which greatly stimulates the production and demand of melt blown cloth. The melt pump provided by Zhengzhou Batte melt pump factory is mainly used in the melt blown cloth production line, which is an indispensable equipment for the production of melt blown cloth. The advantages of the melt pump for melt blown

2020-03-25 melt gear pump for melt blown fabric

The polymer masterbatch is put into the extruder and melted in the extruder at a temperature of about 240 ℃ (for the main resin used in PP melt blown method). The melt flows through the metering pump to the melt blown die head. The metering pump measures the melt flow output to the nozzle. The spinneret is a capillary tube with a spacing of less than 1mm and a diameter of 0.2-0.4mm. On both sides of the capillary is the air inlet, adding 250-300 ℃ compressed air. When the newly formed polymer

2019-03-20 What is the standard type of Batte melt pump

Principle: Gear pump Number of impellers: single stage Essential Cavitation Allowance: 2 (m) Performance: Frequency Conversion Exhaust pressure: 5 (Mpa) Efficiency: 98 (%) Pump Shaft Position: Side Vertical Flow: 3 (m3/h) Rotate speed: 15 batte melt pump scope of application: Material of extrusion production line: Titanium alloy application: Driving mode of metering pump: Magnetopolymer melt pump adopts unique volume design, which can provide stable and accurate metering transportation of polymer under changing pressure, temperature and viscosity. Because the melt pump builds pressure between

2019-01-03 Operation Management of Melt Pump

1. Daily maintenance (l) Disintegration and cleaning of melt pumps , heating and cooling, starting and stopping should be strictly operated in accordance with regulations to avoid undue losses. (2) Attention should be paid to keeping the population pressure of the booster melt pump stable, so that it has a stable volume efficiency, so as to facilitate the operation of the pump itself and the stability of the spinning quality downstream. (3) When the population is negative pressure, the filling chamber pressure should be kept higher than the external atmospheric pressure. When the back pressure

2018-12-20 Material Particle Problem in Melt Pump

1. The problem of holes at both ends of particles. There are holes at both ends: indicating that the material contains more low molecular weight substances, and the vacuum exhaust has not cleaned the material contains more low molecular weight water withdrawal ingredients. Only one end has a hole: the low molecular weight substance contained in the material has less water retention and can be accepted without strict requirements. Solutions: pretreatment (drying, sealing, etc.); strengthening vacuum exhaust (taking into account screw design); increasing the temperature of water tank. 2. Particl

2018-12-12 Specific measures to solve side wall wear of melt pump

The volume loss of the melt pump is inevitable in the process of transportation, which mainly includes: (1) leakage of the axial clearance (that is, the end clearance of the gear). (2) Leakage of radial clearance. (3) Leakage of gear meshing point. (4) Elastic loss in liquid compression. The axial clearance of the melt pump refers to the clearance between the end face of the gear and the side plate or the end face of the bearing. The melt leaking through this clearance flows into the bearing chamber and returns to the inlet side. Because there are many ways of axial clearance and the length of

2018-11-29 Solution for wearing out valve seat of metering pump

Batte metering pump manufacturer for wear reason analysis: Through analysis, we believe that the problem is that the material of the valve ball seat does not match. The main material of the valve ball is ceramics, which has very strong hardness but no elasticity; while the material of the valve seat is 35CrMoA, which has great hardness and elasticity. In the process of operation, the repeated impact between the valve ball and the valve seat causes the contact surface between the valve seat and the valve ball to wear very fast, and the inner space gradually worn out, and finally was broken down

2018-11-17 Classification of seals for melt metering pumps

Melt metering pump is a kind of positive displacement conveying device, which conveys the flow of melt in direct proportion to the speed of the pump. The melt metering pump provided by Bart is mainly suitable for accurate measurement of melt in granulation, film, pipe and other fields, and its metering accuracy does not exceed (+1%). According to the classification of common sealing forms of melt metering pumps, Bart manufacturers will analyze and interpret for you in detail below. 1. Axial end-face mechanical seal: This seal has the advantages of simple structure, but it is easy to superheat

2018-11-07 Three sealing types of melt metering pump

Mechanical seals, packing seals and spiral seals are the most common seals for melt metering pumps . However, because of the high melt temperature, the deformation of springs and tine rings and the presence of impurities in the melt, mechanical seals have short service life, generally about half a year, and high cost. The packing seal is fast due to the wear of the packing and the axle sleeve, and it needs constant pressure packing. Therefore, mechanical seals and packing seals will result in increased maintenance workload and frequent replacement. Because polymer processing is generally conti