2024-06-19 Application scope and performance characteristics of dual channel plate non-stop screen changer

The dual channel plate type non-stop screen changer is suitable for chemical fibers, blown films, flat films, cast films, pipes, plates, wires, fibers, granulation, recycling, packaging belts, etc. Applicable raw materials include: PP, PE, ABS, PS, PES, XPS, PET, PVB, PBT, TPE, PMMA, PC, PA, etc. The dual channel plate type non-stop screen changer is applied to both networks simultaneously. When changing the network, one network works and the other network is replaced, without interrupting the material flow or the product. Designed with a filling and exhaust system, it can fully eliminate the

2024-06-18 Instructions for using the extruder melt pump

The extruder melt pump is a commonly used equipment in the production process of plastics, rubber and other industries. It can uniformly and stably transport high-temperature molten plastic or rubber materials to the barrel of the extruder through rotation or reciprocating motion, thereby controlling the quality and output of products. This article will provide detailed instructions on the use of the extruder melt pump to help you better understand and use this equipment. 1、 Structure and working principle of extruder melt pump The extruder melt pump consists of a pump body, rotor, seals, be

2024-06-14 How to choose the melt pump for HDPE sheet extruder?

The selection of melt pump for HDPE sheet extruder is actually a process that comprehensively considers various factors. Firstly, we need to clarify the main function of the melt pump, which is to stably and continuously transport the melted HDPE sheet to the next process step. Therefore, the durability, stability, and flexibility of flow regulation of the pump are the first factors we need to consider. When choosing a melt pump , we should first pay attention to its material. The melt pump needs to be in direct contact with high-temperature melted HDPE sheets, therefore, the pump body materia

2024-06-13 Structure and application of high-temperature chemical fiber gear metering pump

The high-temperature chemical fiber gear metering pump mainly consists of the following key components: Plate: This usually includes upper plate, pump plate, and bottom plate, which together constitute the main structure of the pump. The bottom plate is particularly important because it not only serves to fix the master and slave shafts, but also has inlet and outlet ports set on the bottom plate. Gears: including driving gears and driven gears. The rotational motion of these two gears is crucial for achieving liquid conveying and metering. Usually, these two gears mesh in a high-precision man

2024-06-07 Characteristics of dual axis drive rubber melt gear pump

The dual axis drive rubber melt gear pump is a specially designed gear pump mainly used for processing high viscosity, high elasticity rubber or similar media. Its characteristics mainly include the following aspects: High viscosity adaptability: The dual axis rubber gear pump can handle a wide range of viscosity media, including high viscosity rubber and similar materials. The design of this pump ensures that these media can still be effectively transported under high pressure and high speed. Efficient conveying: Due to the design of dual axis gears, the pump can generate greater flow rate an

2024-05-25 melt pump for PP plastic hollow cross section plate extrusion line

The melt pump of PP plastic hollow cross section plate extrusion line , as a key equipment on the production line, its stable and efficient performance is crucial for the smooth operation of the entire production process. The function of the melt pump is to transport plastic melt into the mold at a constant pressure and flow rate, thereby achieving high-quality production of products. With the advancement of technology, modern melt pumps have made significant improvements in design, material selection, and manufacturing processes. The high-precision gear design and excellent wear resistance ma

2024-05-22 Application, characteristics, and advantages of rubber elastomer melt pumps (metering pumps)

The R series melt pump is a specialized extrusion system melt gear pump for rubber and elastomers. Suitable for extrusion and conveying of rubber and elastomer melts; Generally installed between the extruder outlet and the die head, used as a melt metering pump; The pump casing of this series is equipped with a built-in flow channel, which can be used for cooling or heating of thermal media. Characteristics of Rubber Elastomer Melt Pump 1. Minimal pressure flow pulsation can achieve linear output of flow, suitable for precision extrusion systems. 2. Adopting different structures and material c

2024-05-22 What are the materials of polypropylene conveyor gear metering pumps?

The polypropylene conveying gear metering pump , as a key equipment in industrial fields such as chemical fiber and textile, its performance and service life are directly affected by the manufacturing materials. Choosing appropriate materials is of great significance for ensuring the stable operation of gear metering pumps, improving conveying efficiency, and extending their service life. This article will provide a detailed analysis of the main materials used in polypropylene fiber conveying gear metering pumps, including the material selection and characteristics of pump bodies, gears, shaft

2024-05-17 What materials are used for the dual axis rubber extruder melt pump?

The dual axis rubber extrusion melt pump, as an efficient and precise processing equipment, plays an irreplaceable role in the rubber industry. It can handle various types of materials, covering most commonly used raw materials and formulas in the rubber industry. Firstly, the biaxial rubber extrusion melt pump can handle both natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Natural rubber is widely used in fields such as tires and shoe materials due to its excellent elasticity and wear resistance, while synthetic rubber plays an important role in special industrial fields due to its customizability, oil

2024-05-17 How to choose the extruder melt pump for the waste plastic recycling production line?

The selection of extruder melt pump for waste plastic recycling production line is an important link related to production efficiency and quality. To ensure that the selected melt pump can meet the needs of the production line, we need to consider multiple aspects comprehensively. Firstly, we need to pay attention to the melt characteristics of the melt pump. During the recycling process of waste plastics, the viscosity, temperature, corrosiveness, toxicity, and particle content of their melt wil