2023-12-16 Characteristics of melt discharge pumps for EVA hot melt adhesives

ZB-F series melt discharge pump is specially used for conveying materials with high viscosity and high temperature. Used in PUR hot melt adhesive, PSA pressure sensitive adhesive, EVA hot melt adhesive, adhesive, glue, hot melt adhesive, resin, epoxy resin and other industries. Aiming at the high viscosity and high temperature of hot melt materials, we adopt the following four measures to ensure the normal operation of the pump design and selection. 1, melt discharge pump with special clearance, that is, increase the clearance of the pump body thermal expansion thermal compensation, to ensure

2023-12-15 What are the reasons for breaking the driven gear of polymer melt pump?

There are 2 main reasons for gear breakage of melt gear pumps for spur gears: The first reason is that the gear is subjected to a sudden overload will occur when the fracture phenomenon, from the disintegration of the foreign body is not found to enter, and from the fracture site in the root of the gear to see, can be excluded from the possibility of sudden overload fracture of the gear. polymer melt pump The second reason is because the gear teeth like a cantilever beam, loaded to the root of the bending stress generated at the large, coupled with the root of the transition at the transition

2023-12-11 Internal structure and working principle of polymer melt conveying pump

The internal structure of the polymer melt pump is composed of the pump body, front and rear side plates, two meshing gears, bearings, and seals; The space formed by the tooth profile of two gears, the pump body, and the side plate forms the feeding area, conveying area, and discharge area of the pump. Gears are the core components of melt pumps, with various structural forms: they can be divided into internal meshing and external meshing according to the meshing mode;; According to the tooth direction, it can be divided into spur gears, helical gears, and herringbone gears, but the commonly u

2023-12-07 Single Plate fast Hydraulic Screen Changer Application

Single plate screen changer is customarily called single plate fast hydraulic screen changer, this type of screen changer is widely used in the market because of its simple structure, high cost performance, wide range of application, and has the characteristics of no downtime, no leakage of material, smooth flow channel, simple operation and so on. Extruder single plate screen changer has simple structure and easy connection, and can be used with different specifications of single-screw extruder, twin-screw extruder, reactor to do direct connection, simplify the material flow path. single plat

2023-12-07 EPE pearl cotton extruder melt pump

EPE Pearl Cotton Extruder Melt Pump is a widely used equipment for EPE pearl cotton foam production. It has the advantages of high efficiency, stability, reliability, etc. It can provide stable extrusion pressure and flow for the production of pearl cotton and improve the production efficiency and product quality. The EPE pearl cotton extruder melt pump is made of high strength and wear-resistant material, which is able to withstand harsh conditions such as high temperature, high pressure and corrosion to ensure the long life and reliability of the equipment. At the same time, it has the advan

2023-12-04 Application areas of LLDPE melt pumps

As a manufacturer of LLDPE melt pumps, we have been committed to solving various problems encountered in the plastics industry for our customers, and constantly improve the performance of our products to meet the needs of different fields. LLDPE melt pump application fields 1. Plastic film industry In plastic film industry, LLDPE melt pump is widely used in blown film, casting and other production processes. As LLDPE has better toughness and processing performance, LLDPE melt pumps can stably transport LLDPE materials to ensure that the produced films have excellent performance and appearance.

2023-11-29 Thermoplastic melt pump internal structure

Thermoplastic melt pump is a kind of high-precision, high-rotation speed, high-reliability equipment for conveying high-viscosity, high-temperature, high-pressure melt materials. Its internal structure includes the following parts: 1. Pump casing The pump casing of the melt gear pump is the outer shell of the equipment, which is made of high quality alloy steel material with high strength and corrosion resistance. The pump casing is equipped with impellers, bearings, seals and other important parts, which is one of the key parts to ensure the normal operation of the melt pump. 2. Impeller Impe

2023-11-28 What is the typical operating temperature of a melt pump?

The name melt pump, I believe that only a part of the people have heard of it, and do not know much about it. Today melt pump manufacturers will talk to you about the working temperature of the melt pump. melt pump for extrusion Melt pump for extrusion working temperature can generally reach 300 degrees, can meet most of the plastic melt transportation requirements, some high temperature melt pump can reach 500 degrees. The working pressure of the melt pump is usually expressed in three parameters, i.e. high inlet pressure, high outlet pressure and high differential pressure. Ordinary melt pum

2023-11-15 Explanation of the application working conditions of the melt gear pump

The working temperature of the melt gear pump: 350-400 ℃, cleaning temperature: 450 ℃, outlet pressure: 350bar, viscosity: 30000Pa. s. The sealing of melt gear pumps generally adopts spiral sealing, which has good wear resistance. Drive motor+reducer+universal coupling+pump body. The motor adopts variable frequency speed regulation or servo speed regulation, and can be adjusted to the required flow rate at will. For products with high precision requirements, it is recommended to use servo motor speed regulation. melt gear pump The working temperature of the melt gear pump: 350-400 ℃, cle

2023-11-13 What is the reason for excessive current in the melt gear pump?

During the use of a melt pump for extrusion, it is inevitable to encounter various problems. What we need to consider is how to deal with these problems. Excessive current in the melt gear pump can have a significant impact on both the equipment and the finished product. So, lets introduce the reason for excessive current in the melt gear pump? How should we solve it. melt pump for extrusion There are several reasons for the excessive current of the melt gear pump: 1. The outlet pressure is too high; 2. Excessive melt viscosity; 3. Poor assembly of shaft seal; 4. Shaft or bearing wear; 5. Moto