2018-10-29 Use of melt pump for recycling waste plastics

However, on the one hand, plastic recycling costs a lot of manpower and material resources, on the other hand, the recycling channels are still blocked, and the value of recycling is suppressed. So for a long time, waste plastics recycling is advocating on one side, but on the other hand, it can not avoid the waste of business. Of course, this is before, now the waste plastics recycling and recycling industry has been refreshed. First of all, countries all over the world, including China, are investing in human, material and financial resources, innovating key technologies, optimizing manageme

2018-10-18 Relationship between extruder extrusion and melt pump speed

The pumping method of the melt pump belongs to the quantitative pumping mode, which is the same as that of the piston pump. The material clamped between the inner wall of the pump and the clearance between the gear teeth is sent to the outlet side as the gear rotates continuously. However, the piston pump can not be used for high viscosity materials pumping, because it will produce the same as the screw yaw turbulent pulsation. Therefore, if we want to improve the extruders performance, we should configure the melt pump . The characteristic of the forward displacement most melt pump is that th

2018-09-30 Melt metering pump routine maintenance

1. During the production and operation of the melt metering pump , the power and torque of the metering pump should be measured periodically, and the abnormal position should be stopped to check its alignment accuracy or adjust the lubrication condition of the coupling. 2. When the components can not be replaced in time due to production reasons and are overused, the power and torque of the metering pump should be measured frequently to avoid the phenomenon of overloading operation device. 3. When the melt temperature is lowered, the control power and torque of the metering pump will increase

2018-09-19 Importance of sealing of melt pumps in PET plant

Melt pump is an important equipment in polyester plant. The seal of melt pump is mostly made of mechanical seal into packing seal. Because of high melt temperature, easy deformation of spring and tincture rings and the presence of impurities in the melt, mechanical seals have a short life of about half a year and high cost. The packing seal is fast worn due to the wear of the packing and the axle sleeve, and it needs constant pressure packing. Therefore, both mechanical seal and packing seal will increase the maintenance workload and change frequently. Dry polyester production is a continuous

2018-09-08 Melt pump reduces wastage of extruders

After a few years of operation, there will be a lot of wear and tear between the screw and the barrel in the extruder, resulting in excessive clearance, melt return will increase, production will be affected and reduced, after increasing the melt pump on the extrusion line, it will reduce the return flow rate and energy loss, which means that the maximum increase can be achieved. The output per unit time of the extruder is worth mentioning that each time the extruder is turned on, there is a longer period of machine discharging, which is a big waste of production costs, especially in some prod

2018-08-31 How much can the extruder and melt pump increase?

Q: how much can the extruder and melt pump increase? Answer: In order to increase the output of the extruder, after adding the batte melt pump , the maximum pressure fluctuation of the extruder is in the pump, which can make the internal pressure of the extruder drop, the shear strength of the melt drop, the temperature curve is gentle, the temperature rise is reduced. Especially after several years of operation of the old extruder, there will be a lot of wear and tear between the screw and the barrel, resulting in excessive clearance, melt return will increase, the output will be reduced due

2018-08-21 How does the melt discharge pump work normally?

How does the melt pump usually work? I believe that the first time to buy a melt pump will be more curious, then with the Haike Xiaobian to learn about the structure of the melt pump and how it works? The melt pump is made up of pump housing, front and rear side cover, gear shaft, sliding bearing and shaft seal. Melt gear pump belongs to positive displacement pump. When it works, it relies on the change of working volume caused by the intermeshing of the main and driven gears to transport the melt. The working volume is composed of the pump body, the cogging of the gear and the bearing with th

2018-08-13 Leakage solutions for chemical pumps during commissioning and normal operation

1. Leakage occurred during commissioning of chemical pumps. The centrifugal force produced by the high speed rotation of the mechanical seal used in the pump after static test will restrain the leakage of the medium. Therefore, after eliminating the failure of the seal between axles and the end cover, the leakage of the mechanical seal is basically caused by the damage of the friction pairs of the dynamic and static rings. The main reasons for the failure of the friction pair seal are: 1) large axial force caused by the evacuation, cavitation and compression during the operation, which separat

2018-08-03 The installation precision of the chemical fiber spinning metering pump

The chemical fiber spinning metering pump is a kind of gear pump, which is mainly used in the field of chemical fiber spinning. The BART melt pump manufacturer provides ZB-U series of chemical fiber spinning metering pump, the working temperature is less than 350 degrees C, and the maximum pressure difference is 40MPa. The chemical fiber spinning metering pump is the heart component of the spinning machine, plays the role of quantitative, constant pressure, and uniform delivery of spinning material (Bart provides the advantages of pressure, wear resistance, long service life and so on). On the

2018-07-25 The advantages and application scope of the melt pump

The ZB-G series melt pump is mainly used for extrusion process of rubber and plastics. It is used in conjunction with extruder and installed at the outlet of extruder. ZB-K series melt pump has the best ability to deal with high viscosity materials, mainly used for polymer and prepolymer transportation. ZB-T series of melt pumps are used in general chemical processes. Advantages: the polymer melt pump ZB series adopts unique volume design, which can provide stable and accurate polymer metering in the condition of constant pressure, temperature and viscosity. Due to the pressure of the ZB melt