Composition and operation method of melt pump control system

The basic components of the melt pump control system include sensors: temperature sensors (such as PT100 thermistors), pressure sensors (transmitters), displacement sensors, etc; Controller: intelligent instruments, PLC, etc; Actuators: electric heating plates, electric heating rods, variable frequency motors, frequency converters, etc.

Melt pump control cabinet

The melt pump control system is an important component to ensure the stable operation of the melt pump. Combined with the melt pump, it can comprehensively control pressure, temperature, flow rate, and speed, and achieve automatic or manual control functions. The optimized control system can effectively eliminate pressure fluctuations caused by various factors in the extruder, stabilize the pressure at the discharge port, and maximize the advantages of the melt pump in precision extrusion.

polymer melt pump

The melt pump control method often adopts closed-loop control:

1. Obtain the outlet pressure through a pressure sensor, and drive the closed-loop stroke with a frequency converter to automatically adjust the speed to achieve pressure stability;

2. By obtaining the inlet pressure through a pressure sensor, the signal is fed back to the upper (such as an extruder) to achieve stable inlet pressure and ensure the stability of the melt pump feed;

3. Obtain the pump body temperature through a temperature sensor and achieve automatic temperature control through closed-loop heating device travel.


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