Application scope and performance characteristics of dual channel plate non-stop screen changer

The dual channel plate type non-stop screen changer is suitable for chemical fibers, blown films, flat films, cast films, pipes, plates, wires, fibers, granulation, recycling, packaging belts, etc. Applicable raw materials include: PP, PE, ABS, PS, PES, XPS, PET, PVB, PBT, TPE, PMMA, PC, PA, etc.

The dual channel plate type non-stop screen changer is applied to both networks simultaneously. When changing the network, one network works and the other network is replaced, without interrupting the material flow or the product. Designed with a filling and exhaust system, it can fully eliminate the gas inclusions in the material and the porous plate to be replaced, prevent the formation of the mesh changing process in the product, and improve the quality of the product. Two filter screens work simultaneously, with a filtering area twice that of a single screen, meeting the production requirements of higher quality and higher output. The screen changer is installed between the extruder and the mold, and its working status is controlled by a hydraulic system.

The dual channel plate non-stop screen changer consists of basic components such as a skateboard, inlet plate, outlet plate, hydraulic cylinder, porous plate, insulation plate, etc. There are two filtering channels on the inlet and outlet plates of the screen changer, with sliding plates and porous plates installed between them. The two sliding plates can enter the working position and screen changer position under the action of the hydraulic system.

double pillar hydraulic screen changer

Performance characteristics:

Adopting pressure driven rigid sealing technology to prevent leakage and extend service life, the sealing gap can be automatically compensated during use.

It can meet the high extrusion production of any polymer, and can be used in conjunction with extruders of different standards, without stopping the machine to change the mesh and without material leakage.

Larger filtration area, suitable for extrusion production of different materials and products.

It has the functions of filling, discharging, and discharging to ensure the continuity of the product during the network replacement process.

dual channel plate non-stop screen changer

The uninterrupted filtration during the screen changing process does not cause significant fluctuations in product production and improves the stability of product quality.

According to user requirements, various sizes and specifications can be specially designed and processed.

The structural design is reasonable, easy to operate, and the effect is significant.

The filter design with high wear resistance, high pressure resistance, and high precision improves the effective area and quality of filtration.

At a pressure of 35MPa and a temperature below 300 ℃, its performance will not be affected.


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