2014-04-09 Zhengzhou Batte melt pump installation and use

Zhengzhou Bart BATTE melt pump offers three installation methods: a drive shaft mounted horizontally, the drive shaft is installed facing up, install the drive shaft down, depending on the location and convenience of the site to select the

2014-04-09 Molding machine market demand growth in the United States

May this year, U.S. imports of injection molding machines from $ 7.027 million , is the largest country imports from China injection molding machine in May . In fact, the same amount last year , but last years investments in other Asian cou

2014-04-08 Stainless steel pump Precautions

Stainless steel pump is a pump, which is mainly used in low flow, high head of water systems, such as drinking water supply system, pressure boiler water systems, high-purity water purification systems as well as pharmaceutical, food, chemi

2014-04-08 Cleaning melt pump

1 Carefully pump removed from the device down, placed in a vacuum furnace slowly warming two hours, the temperature should not overheat otherwise easily lead to a decline pump material hardness, affect the stability of the pump size 2 in th

2014-04-04 China has 3-7 layers available to domestic and foreign markets multifunctional composite film product

In recent years , with the maturity and development of auxiliary equipment and mold technology , extrusion line extruder gradually become the main Chinese market . PVC profile and its subsequent processing equipment, film and pipe productio

2014-04-04 Multi-layer co-extrusion technology is mature development

Technology uses multi-layer composite material with high barrier properties of packaging materials and other complex, integrated barrier material with high barrier properties of cheap or other special mechanical, thermal, and other material

2014-04-04 China extruder technology innovation

In recent years, Chinas conventional extrusion machines and production lines, with excellent value for money increasingly popular in the international market. Meanwhile, China continued innovation in the field of advanced extrusion technolo

2014-04-03 Analysis of China extruder supply situation

Distinguish from the host and plastic products , China can manufacture extruders include single -screw extruder , suitable for processing a variety of materials and structures of various plates, sheets, film , wire, rod , etc. ; parallel -r

2014-04-03 China extruder industry supply situation

Plastics machinery market in China, the extruder as an important processing equipment, development prospects are very optimistic, seen from a comparison of the last two years, extruder market has no small forward and breakthrough. After ext

2014-04-02 Properties of blown film extruder

The extruder must be capable of processing various molar mass, molar mass distribution, comonomer content and comonomer distribution of different polyethylene. Low power extruder applies only LDPE production because of its low power features