2014-03-25 Stainless steel gear pump casting process

Batte stainless steel gear pump for conveying solid particles and fibers, corrosion, temperature no higher than 150 ℃, the viscosity of the oil or other liquids similar nature 5 ~ 1500cst lubricants. Batte stainless steel gear pump gears,

2014-03-24 Batte two melts pump instructions for use

High melt pump was used to deliver the viscous melt, a delivery device, in general, is to assist the work of the extruder. According to the use of different temperatures, Batte melt pump, there are two. ZB-H-type high-temperature high-press

2014-03-24 Play a role in the production Batte Melt Pump

Batte melt displacement pump uses a unique design that can melt in the case of pressure, temperature and viscosity changing conditions, to provide a stable and accurate polymer delivery. Variety of materials suitable for the melt. Batte mel

2014-03-24 Batte melt gear pump sets produced in a number of advantages.

Batte production of melt gear pump with output pressure is high, the transmission medium high viscosity, high temperature, input port can vacuum, easy speed adjustment, a large flow range of features. Pump material temperature wear resistan

2014-03-24 Why do the majority of the melt pump manufacturer of plastic packaging favorite?

Development melt pump makes plastic products in the production part of effective control of the amount of waste material in significant savings , not only that but also increased the yield. In addition, what are the advantages of a melt pum

2014-03-22 Batte company's high temperature high pressure melt pump promotion of high priority

Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou handsome European brand produced mainly by the melt pump casing, front and rear side cover, gear shafts, bearings and shaft seal. Shuai European brand melt pump are positive displaceme

2014-03-22 Batte company produces plastic extrusion machine for melt pump works

Batte Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. production of plastic extrusion machine for melt pump works: Plastic extrusion machine for melt pump pumps belong to a special high-temperature melt products, relying on mutual engagement

2014-03-21 Energy saving, precision, high efficiency, the development direction of plastic processing

Energy saving, precision and high efficiency is not only a tactical problem in plastic processing industry and equipment manufacturing industry development in our country, and is a strategic issue. Because it is and the development of our co

2014-03-21 The higher the precision of the molded plastic article, the better the economy

Precision refers to the precision of the molding plastic products. For extrusion molding, is to improve the extrusion tube, rod, plate, wire diameter or thickness tolerance and repeat precision; For injection molding, is to increase the weig

2014-03-21 Melt pump should be the most basic conditions

Melt pump should be the most basic conditions: ● light weight, low consumption of metallic materials; ● Compact, small footprint, small footprint; ● save energy, water and hydraulic energy; ● Simple structure, small number of parts,