2014-03-31 Gear pump pipette

The suction port of the gear pump generally larger diameter, diffusion is sometimes used to form the suction port to expand the volume of the low pressure zone to reduce the flow rate of the liquid inlet to reduce the suction resistance of

2014-03-31 Batte melt pump control system

Batte company is specialized in the production and sales of melt pumps, high temperature melt pump, melt gear pump, melt metering pump and a sophisticated control system (PLC) and other products. Siemens PLC control system programmable contr

2014-03-31 Butterworth high viscosity pump

Butterworth high viscosity pump before starting the operation, the gear pump housing filled with liquid to be delivered to the secure boot. If the ambient temperature is below zero, the pump must move to pass through the hot steam before you

2014-03-31 Bart melt pump technology leadership, product quality

where is Zhengzhou fly melt pump manufacturers address - Batte Zhengzhou Zhongyuan melt gear pump is well-known manufacturer of stainless steel gear pumps , gear pumps Bart Germany to introduce high-end technology , research and production s

2014-03-28 Establish the company's brand has become a trend

Today, melt pump industry to establish brand development, has become an inevitable trend. Traditional rely solely on the quality or quantity to create competitive advantages have become weak. In todays highly competitive market, companies h

2014-03-28 How do you melt metering pump understand it

How do you understand the melt metering pump it? And we introduced today, in fact, melt metering pump is designed for transporting liquid metering pumps. Majority melt metering pump piston and the diaphragm are used the structure of the gea

2014-03-28 The role of the melt pump in production use and structure

As extruder best friend Bart melt pump can precisely control the production of the nose. So how do you understand the melt pump it? Melt pump consists of two gears, usually driven by a single motor. Material from the extruder screw conveyor

2014-03-27 The crystalline modification of the plastic film

Results ordered crystalline molecular chains in close contact area is crystalline polymer, no more than the intermolecular force setting zone. Cooling rate has a great impact on the cleanliness and crystal size. Therefore, the nylon film ca

2014-03-27 Crosslinking of the plastic film modified

Improve the mechanical properties of the film with a cross-linking, but do not get molten film. The film can be placed in high-energy radiation cross-linked polyethylene film. When irradiated polyethylene film releases a small amount of hyd

2014-03-27 Modification of the chemical modification of the plastic film

Chemical modification of polymer surfaces to improve the performance of a polymer barrier methods widely peoples concern, but there is a barrier between the polymer is considered to be an ideal material for packaging. Polyolefin film despit