2014-04-23 Role in the production line of extruder melt pump

The main function is to pump the melt viscosity of the polymer melt temperature and high delivery , pressure , voltage , measurement, to maintain accurate and stable feeding of melt , the melt has a very good booster pump , regulator , mete

2014-04-23 Broad applicability melt pump

Has broad applicability to stainless steel melt pump combination obtained so that the device can be benign with a wide field of application, in fact, such a device can be a variety of different plastics processing, and produce a variety of p

2014-04-23 Batte melt gear pump: extrusion best friend

In the extruder , melt gear metering pump plays a crucial role. It is called the extruder best friend can only convey melt stable material may also provide more effective than the screw extrusion pressure , and it can be used as a mixing ap

2014-04-23 Melt lubrication of Batte melt pump

Melt gear metering pump bearings are lubricated by the melt itself , which is passed from the outlet end to the suction side of the pump , and leakage through the bearing designed to achieve. Bearing on the protection of the flow of the pol

2014-04-23 Monitoring melt pump metering

The melt running gear metering pumps need to be a certain degree of monitoring. Observed an important indicator of the outlet pressure , including the suction pressure , outlet pressure difference , the motor current , and the pump shaft se

2014-04-23 Zhengzhou Bart intention of creating high-quality melt pump, gear pumps

Zhengzhou Bad Company from the production point of view is a team with advanced technology in the machinery industry, the company is also a strength of the male after. The company mainly produces all kinds of machinery industry-specific pum

2014-04-23 A gear pump is a device placed between the extruder and the die

A gear pump is a device placed between the extruder and the die, and takes over the function of pumping through the die. It is often called a melt pump, which is technically correct, but the last zone of an extruder screw is a melt pump too

2014-04-23 Other properties and applications of the SP system

Other properties and applications of the melt pump for extruder SP system 1.the use of SP Systems extrusion flow volatility is small, the size of the exact characteristics of extruded products , extruded products, by reducing the quality to

2014-04-23 The benefits of adding Batte melt pump

When using a screw melt pump for extruder in series, the whole production line can benefit significantly increased , with the following advantages: A stable output materials : melt extruder pressure pump can block many causes fluctuations a

2014-04-23 Saving is the greatest energy conservation of resources

Energy must first be aware of the resource is the greatest energy savings. Plastics processing and equipment should try to reduce the consumption of raw materials, resin consumption, reduce the consumption of steel and other non-ferrous meta