2014-04-23 Other properties and applications of the SP system

Other properties and applications of the melt pump for extruder SP system 1.the use of SP Systems extrusion flow volatility is small, the size of the exact characteristics of extruded products , extruded products, by reducing the quality to

2014-04-23 The benefits of adding Batte melt pump

When using a screw melt pump for extruder in series, the whole production line can benefit significantly increased , with the following advantages: A stable output materials : melt extruder pressure pump can block many causes fluctuations a

2014-04-23 Saving is the greatest energy conservation of resources

Energy must first be aware of the resource is the greatest energy savings. Plastics processing and equipment should try to reduce the consumption of raw materials, resin consumption, reduce the consumption of steel and other non-ferrous meta

2014-04-23 Melt gear pump in plastic extrusion processing of universal application

Supercharging screw melt gear pump makes the working pressure drop , resulting in reducing the shear stress melting temperature. In 7.69MPa pressure may drop about 6 ℃, which for a high viscosity , heat-sensitive molding materials is very

2014-04-23 My company production of high viscosity of the melt pump price, quality and reliable

In the high-viscosity media extruder work running the extruder outlet pressure is affected by various factors, there are large fluctuations, will be able to affect the dimensional accuracy of the products between the extruder die plus export

2014-04-22 Bart launch of professional reaction kettle melt pump

Zhengzhou Batte mechanical and electrical equipment co., LTD. Production of reaction kettle melt pump can solve the following problems: although the extruder melting of the polymer melt pump material in reaction kettle to pressure may fluct

2014-04-22 Plastic extrusion melt pump system characterization

Melt pump is usually used with a single or twin screw extruder in plastics processing , it can be further homogenization of the melt , pressure stability , material output pulseless , can improve the quality of products. This device is not

2014-04-10 Breakthrough China plastic extruder market

After years of development, plastic extrusion machine industry continued to increase its international influence, followed by aerospace, defense, kerosene, chemical, transportation and other people economic tensions possessions mediation di

2014-04-10 On the Maintenance of plastic extruder

1.should the plastic extruder devices placement of ventilation, and ensure that the work of heat from the motor and prolong its life; machines should be kept well grounded. 2.regular inspection tool screws, use one hour after the new machin

2014-04-09 Melt metering pump products charm

Melt metering pump is mainly used for high temperature and high viscosity of the polymer melt conveying, pressurization, and Measurement. Its main function is to melt from the extruder temperature pressurized regulator to maintain accurate