2014-06-23 Packaged with dedicated pumps

Packaged with a dedicated melt pump information: Development planning, industrial policy and industry access standards, is an important means to strengthen and improve macro-control is an important investment projects approved enterprise ba

2014-06-21 Extruder melt pump - external lubrication pump

Extruder melt pump - external lubrication pump The pump works as follows: the gear motor is connected with the flange is fixed to the pump element driven by the eccentric drive shaft fork slide linearly reciprocated and rotated by the oil p

2014-06-21 Domestic best quality lowest price wholesale prices melt pump

Domestic best quality lowest price melt pump wholesale price - Batte Zhengzhou Zhongyuan melt gear pump is well-known manufacturers of stainless steel gear pump, gear pump

2014-06-20 Zhengzhou Batte metering pumps Overview

Zhengzhou Batte metering pumps Overview I. Overview As fluid precision measurement and dosing of the ideal equipment, gearmetering pump has now been widely used in various fields including pharmaceuticals, food and beverage and petrochemica

2014-06-20 Why more gear tooth is inclined

Why more gear tooth is inclined? There are three reasons 1, A peace tooth compared to the position of the axis is more freedom. For example, the differential with helical bevel gear shaft and the rear axle is not necessarily at the same l,

2014-06-19 Batte Batte Melt Pump Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Details

Batte Melt Pump Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Batte decades of continuous efforts, with the upgrading of experience, improvements in technology, perfect after-sales, brand promotion, Batte grew up in a step by step. I think many years of cooperation

2014-06-19 Zhengzhou Batte Melt Pump Co., Ltd. and commitment to ensure that the company's products

Commitment to product quality 1 Batte melt pump company has nearly a decade of development, and manufacturing history, with its superior design capabilities, rich manufacturing experience, strict quality control system, zero-defect quality

2014-06-18 Loaders melt pump seal channeling oil Phenomenon

Melt pump channeling oil that hydraulic oil to oil seal breakdown and overflow. This phenomenon is widespread, reflecting the strong OEM, melt pump channeling oil seriously affect the normal work and melt pump loaders reliability and enviro

2014-06-18 The use of polymer extrusion melt pump benefits

Polymer extrusion melt pump using the benefits as follows: Improved dimensional stability ---- effectively isolated from the upstream mold and volatility. Control of Melting mass ---- control back pressure regulator to reduce the extruder r

2014-06-17 Batte melt pump adhere to the quality to win the market

Zhengzhou Batte melt pump adhere to the quality win market \ service to win customers, the initial development of the concept, as adhere to the technical and professional service team, most of the staff have a university degree in Mechanica