2014-06-17 Zhengzhou Batte melt pump and advantages of quality assurance

1) In some foreign manufacturers have a stored payment, thus saving inventory costs, reducing payment and other sectors, reduce delivery time, you can always arrange factory shipments. Credibility is the enterprise development, delivery tim

2014-06-16 Batte company organized ISO9001 Quality Management System Training

In order to enhance the melt pump Zhengzhou Batte overall product quality and core competitiveness, improve the quality of management of full awareness, promote continued effective operation of the quality management system, May 16, 2014 in

2014-06-16 Batte Melt Pump Co., Ltd. the perfect pre-service sales

Zhengzhou Batte company to build a perfect system integration services, provided by professional service centers for your selection, training, supervision of installation and maintenance methods and other services. Batte pre-service 1, our

2014-06-14 Three breakthrough of stainless steel gear pump in China's industrial development

Our equipment gear pump industry is rapidly restructuring developments, if our equipment gear pump industry can seize this opportunity and develop breakthrough three breakthrough, which will greatly enhance the international status of China

2014-06-14 Batte casting melt pump in the industry boutique

Batte melt pump sub-national brand of choice, to build an industry leader, the most professional manufacturer of melt pump, make Batte Melt Pump Co., Ltd in Zhengzhou, The company mainly produces melt pumps, gear pumps, metering pumps . Pre

2014-06-13 Development Trend of China gear pumps

Hydraulic system is toward the direction of fast response, small size, low noise development. Melt Pump Zhengzhou Batte prompt you in order to meet this requirement, KCB gear pump in addition to actively take steps to maintain its dominant

2014-06-13 Zhengzhou Batte melt pump company along the way, Just because you are always here

Melt Pump Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Batte decades of continuous efforts, with the upgrading of experience, improvements in technology, perfect after-sales, brand promotion, Batte grew up in a step by step. I think many years of cooperation and o

2014-06-12 Around the gear pump using features

Over the years, I plant to produce gear pumps became famous for spending below our operating companies to introduce the use of a gear pump characteristics: Arc gear pump relies on the operating volume change and move between the pump cylind

2014-06-12 What is the meaning of the gear pump model is

What is the meaning of the gear pump models? Zhengzhou Batte melt gear pump is the Central Plains renowned manufacturer of stainless steel gear pumps, gear pumps Batte Germany to introduce high-end technology, research and production since

2014-06-09 the trade advantage and problems of Gear pumps in China

the trade advantage and problems of Gear pumps in China Currently, many times China imported gear pump, gear pump gear higher than domestic pump, but did a great job abroad, gear pump industry has made tremendous. Of course, the Made in Chi