2014-03-17 Company dedicated to promote the new rubber melt pump

Stability rubber for melt pump has a crucial impact on the quality of the extruded product. In a single screw extruder, a melt pump for rubber to various forces in the screw speed fluctuations can vary, but also greatly reduces the increase

2014-03-15 Melt extrusion pump to increase production

Extrusion output increases , generally when the pressure within the extruder is increased , the amount of counter-current flow increases and the drain , causing the entire flow rate. While advancing the screw drive material consumed power i

2014-03-15 Melt pump can improve the quality of products, reduce material waste

improve the quality of products in the absence of melt gear pump extruder screw conveyor taste due to the instability of the material is not sufficient, the material in the melting or softening point of unstable solid bed broken, do not feed

2014-03-14 Precautions melt pump

Avoid low interference In the extrusion process, the plastic material concerned, from a solid to a molten state should have sufficient soak time . If the extruder before the start of production has not yet reached operating temperature , th

2014-03-14 Melt pump of installed correctly

Damage usually melt pressure sensors are not appropriate due to its mounting position caused . If the force sensor is mounted in the hole is too small or irregularly shaped holes in the film is likely to cause vibration and impact damage to

2014-03-14 Melt pressure sensor in the installation and maintenance of plastic machinery

In the extrusion production line , high-temperature melt pressure sensor to improve melt quality, improve production safety and protection equipment and other aspects play an important role. Meanwhile, melt pressure sensor is very sensitive

2014-03-13 Comparison of high temperature and high viscosity gear oil pump

High temperature gear pump is a polyester melt conveying , pressurization and melt metering essential equipment. Than other types of heat pump melt pump , compact structure, reliable operation, low energy consumption, high volumetric effici

2014-03-13 General introduction of high-temperature gear pump

Normal high temperature gear pump for temperature of 250 degrees or less , if you need to transport high temperature medium , can be customized for the high temperature , a temperature of less than 350 degrees can also be customized with a

2014-03-12 How to improve the dimensional precision of plastic extrusion molding

Extruder outlet pressure is affected by various factors, there are large fluctuations , will be able to affect the dimensional accuracy of the product , if we install a melt pump between the extruder die outlet and can be used extruder outl

2014-03-12 China extruder industry supply situation analysis