2014-03-14 Melt pressure sensor in the installation and maintenance of plastic machinery

In the extrusion production line , high-temperature melt pressure sensor to improve melt quality, improve production safety and protection equipment and other aspects play an important role. Meanwhile, melt pressure sensor is very sensitive

2014-03-13 Comparison of high temperature and high viscosity gear oil pump

High temperature gear pump is a polyester melt conveying , pressurization and melt metering essential equipment. Than other types of heat pump melt pump , compact structure, reliable operation, low energy consumption, high volumetric effici

2014-03-13 General introduction of high-temperature gear pump

Normal high temperature gear pump for temperature of 250 degrees or less , if you need to transport high temperature medium , can be customized for the high temperature , a temperature of less than 350 degrees can also be customized with a

2014-03-12 How to improve the dimensional precision of plastic extrusion molding

Extruder outlet pressure is affected by various factors, there are large fluctuations , will be able to affect the dimensional accuracy of the product , if we install a melt pump between the extruder die outlet and can be used extruder outl

2014-03-12 China extruder industry supply situation analysis


2014-03-11 The melt gear pump is how to increase production of plastic products production?

As we all know, in the production of plastic products used in the melt metering pump can greatly improve the production of plastic products, reduce the energy consumption and low temperature extrusion, prolong the life of the machine. The m

2014-03-11 High temperature melt pump can improve the dimension precision of plastic products reduce the scrap r

Extruder the outlet pressure of the existence of the big fluctuation is influenced by various factors, will affect the dimension precision of products, but as long as in the export of extruder and equipped with a high temperature melt pump,

2014-03-10 The working principle of the melt pump

The melt pump is a positive displacement delivery device , flow rate and pump speed was strictly proportional . Mainly by the casing , the drive gear , the driven gear , sliding bearings , front and rear end plates and other components. Toot

2014-03-10 The main function of melt pump are there

1. The extrusion products to minimize dimensional tolerances, material per unit weight of the system out more products. In extrusion products require strict dimensional tolerances or products more expensive raw material costs, the use of a

2014-03-08 Description melt pump gears

Melt pump gear common with straight teeth, helical, herringbone gear, helical gear, involute tooth profile of the main types of lines and arcs. Gear pumps are usually small and more involute spur gears, gear pumps often used high-temperatur