What are the reasons why the melt pump cannot be started?

In the daily use process, the melt pump may not start normally; Zhengzhou Batte melt pump, based on years of experience, gave the following 8 kinds of reasons that caused the melt pump to fail to start normally, and also gave targeted solutions.

1. Has the current melt pump body temperature reached the minimum temperature limit set? Set a new temperature limit value lower than the current temperature or wait for the temperature to rise before trying to start.

2. The current displayed outlet pressure exceeds the set value of the set pressure alarm, and the alarm pressure value of the melt pump is re-set.

3. Is the circuit breaker of the melt pump open? Open the circuit breaker.

4. Whether the melt pump motor is normal, measure the three-phase resistance of the motor.

5. Whether the emergency stop button is in the pressed state and restored to the pop-up state.

6. Whether the inverter has alarms, clear the alarms.

7. Whether the melt pump is stuck, check whether the connection part of the universal coupling of the melt pump and the motor is too tight, and adjust it to a proper position.

8. Whether the outlet of the melt pump is blocked by the material, open the connection part to clean the material.

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