Zhengzhou Batte manufacturer interprets the improvement plan of axial compensation melt gear pump

Fault phenomenon: The common faults of the melt gear pump are the weak lifting of the boom, jamming, no oil absorption, or extremely low volumetric efficiency; it is found that the side plate of the pump is warped, and the sintered copper layer is worn and peeled. , The gear is scorched and blackened, the bearing sleeve is broken, the needle rollers fall apart, and the "3"-shaped sealing ring is broken.

Failure analysis: Zhengzhou Batte conducted a lot of analysis and improvement work on this failure, including improving the flatness of the gear end face, improving the forming process of the side plate, and changing the material and shape of the "3"-shaped sealing ring, but the effect was not obvious. Later, it was found that the real cause was the instantaneous overload of the hydraulic system, which caused the bearing sleeve to rupture under high pressure. When the bearing sleeve is just ruptured, the gap between the cracks is small and the leakage is small, which cannot attract the attention of the operator. However, the continued start-up and pressurization will increase the degree of rupture of the bearing sleeve under the action of high pressure. The consequence is: pressure oil enters the bearing, the high pressure causes the needle roller bearing to fall apart, and a large amount of heat energy is generated locally, which promotes the aging of the "3"-shaped sealing ring and is broken under pressure; a large amount of heat energy is transferred to the side plate in the local area, causing the side plate to be copper Layer sintering and the end face of the gear is scorched and black; the back of the side plate loses the support of the bearing sleeve and hangs in the cavity. Under the action of the pressure in the cavity, it warps and the copper layer peels off. These factors directly lead to inefficiency or jamming of the melt gear pump, and the main engine shows weak lifting of the boom.

Solution: The first solution is to lengthen the length of the bearing sleeve under the condition of the same material. Solution 2: Do not change the original structure size, and use higher-strength materials to make the bearing sleeve. Because the bearings are set on both sides of the gear, it is necessary to lengthen the axial length of the melt gear pump according to plan one, increase the total mass of the product, and the connection size will also change, which affects the assembly of the host. Under the condition of not affecting the assembly of the main engine, it was decided to choose the second option, which is to use QT500 ductile iron to make the bearing sleeve. After 1 year of mass production, the return rate dropped to 1.2%, which proved the success of the improvement.

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