Selection requirements for melt metering gear pumps

The melt metering gear pump provided by Zhengzhou Batte is widely used in the production lines of chemical fiber, film, sheet, composite extrusion, pelletizing, etc., covering almost all polymer materials, such as PC, PMMA, ABS, PET, PVB, HIPS, Fluoropolymer, thermoplastic elastomer, rubber, etc. The selection of melt metering gear pumps needs to be based on the requirements of different occasions, and the following conditions need to be fully considered.

zb-c melt pump for plastic extrusion

1. The flow rate of the liquid to be measured, and the requirements for measurement accuracy.

2. The main characteristics of the liquid being measured, such as chemical corrosivity, viscosity, concentration and density, etc.

3. The back pressure of the system.

4. Other options needed, such as analog control, pulse control, flow monitoring and timer.

5. Environmental requirements for equipment, etc.

From design to finishing, every set of precision melt metering gear pumps provided by Zhengzhou Batte needs to work hard around these key points, and it continues to show wonderful results. Under the stable and efficient pressure management system, it not only guarantees a fast and stable flow supply, increases the output of the extruder, but also reduces the heat generated by the melt shearing, the temperature rise is reduced, the adhesion resistance is improved, and the material stagnation is reduced. Phenomenon, the working life is increased to 3 times. Zhengzhou Bart’s quest for precision manufacturing has introduced foreign precision machine tools to provide a guarantee for the processing of high-precision melt metering gear pumps, and for the continuous operation of high-precision metering gear pumps to provide a guarantee for efficient production. Melt pump manufacturer consultation:

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