2014-03-11 The melt gear pump is how to increase production of plastic products production?

As we all know, in the production of plastic products used in the melt metering pump can greatly improve the production of plastic products, reduce the energy consumption and low temperature extrusion, prolong the life of the machine. The m

2014-03-11 High temperature melt pump can improve the dimension precision of plastic products reduce the scrap r

Extruder the outlet pressure of the existence of the big fluctuation is influenced by various factors, will affect the dimension precision of products, but as long as in the export of extruder and equipped with a high temperature melt pump,

2014-03-10 The working principle of the melt pump

The melt pump is a positive displacement delivery device , flow rate and pump speed was strictly proportional . Mainly by the casing , the drive gear , the driven gear , sliding bearings , front and rear end plates and other components. Toot

2014-03-10 The main function of melt pump are there

1. The extrusion products to minimize dimensional tolerances, material per unit weight of the system out more products. In extrusion products require strict dimensional tolerances or products more expensive raw material costs, the use of a

2014-03-08 Description melt pump gears

Melt pump gear common with straight teeth, helical, herringbone gear, helical gear, involute tooth profile of the main types of lines and arcs. Gear pumps are usually small and more involute spur gears, gear pumps often used high-temperatur

2014-03-07 Which products do Batte company have ?

Batte mainly melt pump for extrusion, chemical pump for reactor, melt pump control system and melt pump drive system. General customer buying patterns are: 1.Pumps 2. Pump +drive system +control system You can contact us: Tel :0086-371-6799

2014-03-05 How does melt pump keep the pressure steady?

Additional melt pump, the volatility arising out of the screw head and downstream equipment and to isolate, thus greatly weakened fluctuations upstream, play the role of regulator. Under ideal conditions during melt pump is not conveying ma

2014-02-28 World, grasp the future - Batte melt pump with you

In science and technology rapid development today, past achievements in the past , represent once . The future, we are faced with opportunities and challenges , the future , Bart will unremitting efforts to seize the opportunities, challeng

2014-02-28 Melt pump can be tailored of you

Batte Melt Pump Zhengzhou Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of melt pumps. Batte has accumulated abundant experience on the application technique of melt pumps since we manufacture pumps professionally. Recently according to the develo

2014-02-27 Melt pump gear structure

Gear structure can be divided into three kinds: Helical (advantages: the material for the engagement of a continuous, smooth extrusion, reducing pressure fluctuations, self-cleaning, pulsating rate of 0.5% to 1% of the output pressure disad