Classification of seals for melt metering pumps

Melt metering pump is a kind of positive displacement conveying device, which conveys the flow of melt in direct proportion to the speed of the pump. The melt metering pump provided by Bart is mainly suitable for accurate measurement of melt in granulation, film, pipe and other fields, and its metering accuracy does not exceed (+1%). According to the classification of common sealing forms of melt metering pumps, Bart manufacturers will analyze and interpret for you in detail below.

1. Axial end-face mechanical seal: This seal has the advantages of simple structure, but it is easy to superheat and decompose because of the high shear rate of the sealing surface, and when the speed of the melt metering pump is low, the viscosity of the polymer melt is high, which makes it difficult to form lubrication film between the sealing surfaces and easy to cause leakage. Additionally, polymer 1 Generally, the melting point is high and the leakage is not easy to handle, so this mechanical seal is only used in the old-fashioned melt metering pump.

2. Radial contact seal: It mainly refers to the packing seal of the gland, commonly known as the packing packing seal; Its advantages are simple structure, low cost, easy disassembly and assembly; Usually, because the pressure in the melt metering pump is high, the sealing material has a greater compressive force on the radial direction of the shaft, and the time is long, the opposite axis and the sealing material have a larger. The wear is easy to cause seal failure, and the sealing form is relatively less applied.

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