Three sealing types of melt metering pump

Mechanical seals, packing seals and spiral seals are the most common seals for melt metering pumps. However, because of the high melt temperature, the deformation of springs and tine rings and the presence of impurities in the melt, mechanical seals have short service life, generally about half a year, and high cost. The packing seal is fast due to the wear of the packing and the axle sleeve, and it needs constant pressure packing. Therefore, mechanical seals and packing seals will result in increased maintenance workload and frequent replacement. Because polymer processing is generally continuous production, the increase of maintenance volume brings great difficulties to safety production. After the modification and optimization of the screw seal of the melt metering pump, good results have been achieved in the use of the screw seal of the melt metering pump.

1, gap seal and poly four atmosphere seal together constitute water cooling seal. This seal does not actually touch the surface of the shaft. Its sealing principle is to cool the polymer to a semi-molten state and form a self-sealing. 2. Packing seal. The sealing structure is simple, but the packing is easy to wear. Practice proves that it is easy to leak. It is generally used only in small experimental devices. 3, spiral seal. The reverse spiral groove is machined on the inner surface of the shaft seal, so that the polymer can be pressed back to the inlet. The groove size must be optimized by computer to achieve the best dynamic seal effect. Zhengzhou professional metering pump manufacturer, in many provinces and municipalities in China, has a number of cases on-site, free to guide users on-site visits.

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