Use of melt pump for recycling waste plastics

However, on the one hand, plastic recycling costs a lot of manpower and material resources, on the other hand, the recycling channels are still blocked, and the value of recycling is suppressed. So for a long time, waste plastics recycling is advocating on one side, but on the other hand, it can not avoid the waste of business.

Of course, this is before, now the waste plastics recycling and recycling industry has been refreshed. First of all, countries all over the world, including China, are investing in human, material and financial resources, innovating key technologies, optimizing management models, focusing on reducing costs, and promoting the recycling and reuse of waste plastics. At this point, thermal recovery, physical recovery, chemical reduction, hydrogenation and other ways to enter the industry.

Among them, plastic extrusion process is a good way to recycle waste plastics. Because of the nature of plastic extrusion process, the material must be guaranteed to be conveyed to the extruder head under high pressure. With the development of machinery industry, melt pump is gradually adopted and applied in the domestic market. In view of the specific role of melt pump in the production line of chemical fiber, granulation, plastic film, sheet, sheet, profile, pipe, wire and cable, wire drawing and compound extrusion of parallel co-rotating twin-screw unit, the production capacity, production precision and the loss range of the unit equipment of the melt pump are analyzed. Energy consumption and actual consumption are all enormous.

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