Relationship between extruder extrusion and melt pump speed

The pumping method of the melt pump belongs to the quantitative pumping mode, which is the same as that of the piston pump. The material clamped between the inner wall of the pump and the clearance between the gear teeth is sent to the outlet side as the gear rotates continuously. However, the piston pump can not be used for high viscosity materials pumping, because it will produce the same as the screw yaw turbulent pulsation. Therefore, if we want to improve the extruder's performance, we should configure the melt pump.

The characteristic of the forward displacement most melt pump is that the material can always be discharged in one direction almost without leakage like the piston pump. The plasticizing material from the feed side is transferred to the material side by the outer side of the two gear of the melt pump. Because of its tight meshing, the material will not return from the clearance, so that the discharge side can be quantitatively discharged. Obviously, as long as the speed of the melt pump is regulated, the output and extrusion pressure can be adjusted. The pressure on the discharge side of the melt pump is related to the size of the extrusion die, while the pressure on the feed side varies with the extrusion volume and pump speed.

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