Solution for wearing out valve seat of metering pump

  Batte metering pump manufacturer for wear reason analysis: Through analysis, we believe that the problem is that the material of the valve ball seat does not match. The main material of the valve ball is ceramics, which has very strong hardness but no elasticity; while the material of the valve seat is 35CrMoA, which has great hardness and elasticity. In the process of operation, the repeated impact between the valve ball and the valve seat causes the contact surface between the valve seat and the valve ball to wear very fast, and the inner space gradually worn out, and finally was broken down by the valve ball.

  Butt metering pump manufacturer improves measures to solve the above problems: mainly solve the material matching problem, increase the elasticity between the valve ball and seat, prolong the impact time between them, thereby reducing the impact force. Because the modification of the valve ball or the same seat can achieve this purpose, considering the convenience and cost, Zhengzhou Batte manufacturer has carried out the modification of the valve seat and selected nylon material as the seat bushing. After modification, the machine is installed and used, and the metering pump runs smoothly. After half a year of use, stop and check, open the metering pump and find slight wear on the contact surface. The service life is expected to reach at least one year.

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