Material Particle Problem in Melt Pump

  1. The problem of holes at both ends of particles.

  There are holes at both ends: indicating that the material contains more low molecular weight substances, and the vacuum exhaust has not cleaned the material contains more low molecular weight water withdrawal ingredients. Only one end has a hole: the low molecular weight substance contained in the material has less water retention and can be accepted without strict requirements.

  Solutions: pretreatment (drying, sealing, etc.); strengthening vacuum exhaust (taking into account screw design); increasing the temperature of water tank.

  2. Particle Foaming

  Excessive output, decomposition of raw materials, etc.

  The water content of raw materials is too high; the raw materials (poor sub-brand materials) are not temperature-resistant or improper use of ingredients, resulting from chemical reactions with each other;

  There are many holes or rough surfaces with insufficient vacuum; temperature.

  3. The smoothness and smoothness of particle surface.

  The surface of the particles is smooth and smooth, depending on the ingredients of the raw materials used - glass fibers, inorganic minerals, flame retardants with rough surface, etc.

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