Operation Management of Melt Pump

  1. Daily maintenance

  (l) Disintegration and cleaning of melt pumps, heating and cooling, starting and stopping should be strictly operated in accordance with regulations to avoid undue losses.

  (2) Attention should be paid to keeping the population pressure of the booster melt pump stable, so that it has a stable volume efficiency, so as to facilitate the operation of the pump itself and the stability of the spinning quality downstream.

  (3) When the population is negative pressure, the filling chamber pressure should be kept higher than the external atmospheric pressure. When the back pressure decreases, the pressure of the packing box should be adjusted in time, otherwise the pump will suck in air, resulting in strip breakage of the casting strip, affecting the granulation, leading to the discharging of the granulator.

  (4) The temperature of the heat medium jacket should be checked frequently, and the heat medium temperature of the main body and the front and back cover should be kept the same.

  (5) Every time the output is increased, the output, speed, outlet, inlet pressure and current should be recorded, and the data should be compared and analyzed carefully so as to find abnormalities as soon as possible and deal with them in time.

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