What is the standard type of Batte melt pump

Principle: Gear pump

Number of impellers: single stage

Essential Cavitation Allowance: 2 (m)

Performance: Frequency Conversion

Exhaust pressure: 5 (Mpa)

Efficiency: 98 (%)

Pump Shaft Position: Side Vertical

Flow: 3 (m3/h)

Rotate speed: 15

batte melt pump scope of application: Material of extrusion production line: Titanium alloy application: Driving mode of metering pump: Magnetopolymer melt pump adopts unique volume design, which can provide stable and accurate metering transportation of polymer under changing pressure, temperature and viscosity. Because the melt pump builds pressure between the extruder and the die, after properly configuring the parameters of the extruder, it can provide uniform melting material with higher production capacity on the premise of stricter tolerance requirements.

Batte Melt Pump offers a wide range of capacities and models. It can provide accurate, stable and reliable flow measurement. It is suitable for almost all polymers used in the plastic industry, including chemical fiber polyester, polypropylene, nylon, acrylic fiber, cellulose, spandex and many special fibers.

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