2014-02-28 World, grasp the future - Batte melt pump with you

In science and technology rapid development today, past achievements in the past , represent once . The future, we are faced with opportunities and challenges , the future , Bart will unremitting efforts to seize the opportunities, challeng

2014-02-28 Melt pump can be tailored of you

Batte Melt Pump Zhengzhou Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of melt pumps. Batte has accumulated abundant experience on the application technique of melt pumps since we manufacture pumps professionally. Recently according to the develo

2014-02-27 Melt pump gear structure

Gear structure can be divided into three kinds: Helical (advantages: the material for the engagement of a continuous, smooth extrusion, reducing pressure fluctuations, self-cleaning, pulsating rate of 0.5% to 1% of the output pressure disad

2014-02-26 What Batte rely on to win customer approval about melt pump?

Batte professional design, development, production and sales of the melt pump manufacturers. We produce a melt pump reliable product quality, optimal performance, advanced production technology melt pump products. I have a melt pump high te

2014-02-21 High-performance engineering plastic melt pump

Batte series of special engineering plastics melt pump, its main function is to come from high-temperature engineering plastics melt extruder booster, regulator, maintaining accurate and stable flow of plastic melt fed extruder head. Under

2014-02-21 Batte promotion packaged with special melt pump

Batte produce packaged with special melt pump is a positive displacement melt conveying equipment, which is packaged with a special melt pump with high precision gear clearance and volume structure design, packaged with a special pump to st

2014-02-21 Hot Products pp melt pump with dedicated Introduct

Zhengzhou Bart melt pump, Ltd. is a professional production of a collection of objects with a melt pump extruder melt pump manufacturers, pp special melt pump can be a variety of installation, pp special melt pump input shaft can be arrange

2014-02-18 Chemical pump applications

Chemical pumps used in various fields of chemical, but also widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, synthetic fibers, pharmaceutical, food, synthetic fibers and other departments for transporting corrosive alkaline medium, for stati

2014-02-18 What is the melt metering pump

What is the melt metering pump, metering pump is designed for a melt metering pump liquid. Majority metering diaphragm and piston pumps are used to structure the structure of the gear pump is also useful because they can be kept constant an

2014-02-18 The difference between single-stage and multi-stage pumps

Single-stage pump is the only one impeller pump, the average single-stage pump maximum lift is only 125 meters, has a simple structure, stable performance, high speed, small size, light weight, high efficiency, flow, easy operation and main