Importance of sealing of melt pumps in PET plant

Melt pump is an important equipment in polyester plant. The seal of melt pump is mostly made of mechanical seal into packing seal. Because of high melt temperature, easy deformation of spring and tincture rings and the presence of impurities in the melt, mechanical seals have a short life of about half a year and high cost. The packing seal is fast worn due to the wear of the packing and the axle sleeve, and it needs constant pressure packing. Therefore, both mechanical seal and packing seal will increase the maintenance workload and change frequently. Dry polyester production is a continuous production. The increase of maintenance brings great difficulties to the safety of production. The spiral seal of melt pump seal has been reformed through theoretical and practical experiments and practices, and good results have been achieved. The effect.

The original packing seal was replaced by a combination seal structure of spiral seal and oil seal, and the medium along the leakage gap was pushed back by the reverse pumping action of spiral tip to realize the seal. And using the oil seal as the two seal, the melt pump seal can not leak. The improved method only needs to modify the packing box, with little modification to the original structure, which can not only meet the sealing requirements, but also adapt to the limitation of the available space of the original structure. The sealing structure is simple, easy to manufacture and install, and the power consumption is small. From the actual use effect, it has completely changed the original structure caused by the equipment maintenance, high cost characteristics, eliminating the hidden dangers of continuous production to reduce the labor intensity of workers, and promote stable production.

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