Leakage solutions for chemical pumps during commissioning and normal operation

1. Leakage occurred during commissioning of chemical pumps.

The centrifugal force produced by the high speed rotation of the mechanical seal used in the pump after static test will restrain the leakage of the medium. Therefore, after eliminating the failure of the seal between axles and the end cover, the leakage of the mechanical seal is basically caused by the damage of the friction pairs of the dynamic and static rings. The main reasons for the failure of the friction pair seal are: 1) large axial force caused by the evacuation, cavitation and compression during the operation, which separates the contact surfaces of the dynamic and static rings; 2) excessive compression during the installation of mechanical seals, resulting in severe wear and abrasion of the end face of the friction pair; 3) the seal ring of the dynamic ring is too tight, and the spring can not adjust the axial direction of the moving ring. Floating quantity; 4) The static ring seal ring is too loose, when the moving ring axial floating, the static ring is out of the static ring seat; 5) There is granular material in the working medium, running into the friction pair, damaging the dynamic and static ring seal face {6} design selection is wrong, sealing face pressure is low or sealing material cold shrinkage, etc. The above phenomena are often found in the trial run, and can be eliminated by adjusting the static ring seat of Cai sometimes, but most of them need to be disassembled and sealed again.

2. Chemical pumps suddenly leak during normal operation.

Sudden leakage of chemical pump in operation, a few cases are due to normal wear and tear or components have reached the service life, and most cases are due to large changes in operating conditions or improper operation and maintenance. 1) Drainage, cavitation or long time holding pressure, resulting in seal damage; 2) pump actual output is small, a large number of medium circulating in the pump, heat accumulation, causing medium gasification, resulting in seal failure; 3) return flow is too large, resulting in suction pipe side container (tower, kettle, tank, pool) bottom sediment flooding, damage to mechanical seal; 4 pairs of long; When the pump is shut down, there is no manual disc when restarting, and the friction pair pulls out the sealing surface because of adhesion; 5) the corrosive, polymeric and cementing substances in the medium increase; 6) the ambient temperature changes sharply, and the working conditions change or adjust frequently.

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