The installation precision of the chemical fiber spinning metering pump

The chemical fiber spinning metering pump is a kind of gear pump, which is mainly used in the field of chemical fiber spinning. The BART melt pump manufacturer provides ZB-U series of chemical fiber spinning metering pump, the working temperature is less than 350 degrees C, and the maximum pressure difference is 40MPa.

The chemical fiber spinning metering pump is the heart component of the spinning machine, plays the role of quantitative, constant pressure, and uniform delivery of spinning material (Bart provides the advantages of pressure, wear resistance, long service life and so on). On the melt spinning machine, the chemical fiber spinning metering pump is placed up or down in the temperature cavity and the pump body plate. In the process of installation, the human eye can not be directly observed, because the installation is very difficult to affect the precision, and the assembly precision between the spinning metering pump and the spinning machine pump body plate will directly affect the quality of the filaments, such as the misplacement of the pump and the spinning machine plate assembly, the inlet and outlet of the pump, the injection and out of the glue on the pump body plate. The hole will be misplaced, resulting in three situations: (1) reducing the size of the actual inlet and outlet, affecting the accuracy of measurement. (2) cause dead angle, long time, resulting in deterioration of dead angle materials. (3) eddy currents, especially the eddy currents, can cause the fluctuation of pressure and directly affect the spinning quality.

In view of the above problems, Zhengzhou Bart summed up two methods of installing the pump body of the metering pump and the chemical fiber machine, that is the positioning method and the screw positioning method. The two methods mentioned above are practical and effective methods in the actual installation process of the spinning metering pump. The method of screw positioning can also be applied to the installation process of the high pressure metering pump. But it is not as accurate as the positioning method.

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