What are the characteristics of micro precision melt gear pump?

The pump head materials of micro precision melt gear pump are various and optional. It is suitable for the measurement, transportation and sampling of various acids, alkalis, solvents and various chemical additives. The flow control of the pump can be realized by using controllers such as AC, brushless DC motor and pneumatic motor. It can be applied to high differential pressure, high system pressure and wide medium viscosity range.

The high precision of micro precision melt gear pump ensures the accuracy and repeatability of flow. It is especially suitable for non pulsating precision metering applications of various solvents, strong acids, strong alkalis and various high viscosity media. It has the following advantages and characteristics.

micro melt pump

1. Precision metering: the metering accuracy is ± 1%, and the output flow is accurately controlled through speed regulation.

2. No leakage: magnetic drive, no protruding shaft, no rotating seal design.

3. Stable flow and no pulsation: it has self-priming capacity and stable outlet pressure.

4. Dry running capability: high precision peek gear and wear-resistant ceramic shaft.

5. Hygienic standard: the liquid passing material meets the hygienic requirements.

6. Pump head material: 316 stainless steel, Hastelloy, titanium alloy.

7. Drive mode: IEC standard motor, ATEX explosion-proof motor, brushless DC motor, servo motor and pneumatic motor.

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