Melt pump for plastic sheet extrusion system

The working principle of the sheet melt pump is based on forward emptying and screw rotation. When the screw rotates, the geometric shape of the screw thread will form a series of sealing cavities, and the plastic inside the cavity will be pushed forward as the screw rotates. At the same time, the rotation of the screw can also expel air and other impurities, ensuring the quality of the molten plastic.

sheet extrusion melt pump

Plastic sheet melt pumps have a wide range of applications in the plastic extrusion industry. It is mainly used for extruding products such as sheets, plates, films, etc. For example, in the production of building materials such as flooring, wall panels, and decorative panels, the sheet melt pump can ensure stable feeding of the extruder head, ensuring the quality and appearance of the product. In addition, sheet melt pumps can also be used in processes such as plastic granulation and plastic recycling to improve production efficiency and product quality.

plastic sheet melt pump

The sheet extrusion melt pump is an indispensable equipment in the plastic extrusion industry, playing an important role in extruding products such as sheets, plates, and films. With the continuous progress of technology and changes in market demand, sheet melt pumps are also constantly innovating and developing to meet the needs of new materials and processes.

plastic extrusion melt pump

A complete melt pump consists of a motor, reducer, universal coupling, pump head, and control system. The pump head of the melt pump is composed of a pump casing, front and rear side covers, gear shafts, sliding bearings, and shaft seals. Zhengzhou Bate, as a professional manufacturer of melt pump equipment for large and medium-sized rubber and plastic extrusion manufacturers, not only provides high-quality products, but also provides comprehensive after-sales service guarantee and quick response to customer problems.

melt pump for extruder


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