What do you think of the volume rate of the melt pump?

The volume rate of the melt pump is the volumetric efficiency of the melt pump (pump volumetric efficiency) refers to the ratio of the actual flow rate of the pump to the theoretical flow rate. For the calculation of the volumetric efficiency of the melt pump, Zhengzhou Batte melt pump manufacturer uses the following specific formula to express the description:

melt pump volumetric efficiency

For example, the actual efficiency of the melt pump is higher than 90%, the pump is very good. If the efficiency of the pump is 80-90%, the efficiency of the pump is low, then the cause of the deterioration should be observed. If the efficiency is 70-80%, the melt pump cannot operate well. If the efficiency is less than 70%, it means that there is a lot of backflow in the melt pump; then the better solution at this time is to disassemble the pump and repair or replace it with a new pump. Repairs to the melt pump include reassembly of the gears, grinding of the sealing surfaces, or complete replacement of the gears and bushings.

melt pump extrusion process

Suggestions for optimizing the volume ratio:

The screen changer is installed downstream of the melt pump, and the inlet pressure of the melt pump is set to 30 bar or less; typically, the melt pump can operate at an inlet pressure of 30 bar or less. It is recommended to select optimized PID parameters to control the extruder; in this way, the entire extrusion system can run at a relatively stable speed.

Melt Pump Accessories

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