Three commonly used forms of PP meltblown metering pump gears

PP melt blown metering pump is a kind of melt pump, which is mainly used in melt blown production line. Its function is to measure, control output and fiber fineness, and deliver the melt to the spinneret continuously and evenly. Zhengzhou Bart provides gears for melt blown metering pumps. There are three standard types of gears and some special designs such as narrower or wider gears. Straight teeth, helical teeth and herringbone teeth are our standard gear forms. These gear forms have different characteristics, and the selection of these characteristics is very important.

straight tooth gear

Straight tooth

Straight gear is the standard gear form of Bart high pressure melt gear pump and ZB-B series gear pump. Spur gears have no axial force and have high volumetric efficiency.

helical tooth gear

Helical tooth

Helical gears are mainly used in polymer applications and where lower outlet pulsation is required. It guarantees the high quality of the product. This type of gear can be used for pressure differentials up to 250 bar.

herringbone tooth gear

Herringbone tooth

Compared with helical gears and straight gears, herringbone gears reduce the pulsation of the pumped medium, which is a great advantage for the quality of the final product. 1. Low pulsation; 2. Low shear stress; 3. Lower temperature rise (depending on the process).

As a professional manufacturer of melt gear pumps, Zhengzhou Bart provides melt blown metering pumps which are widely used in the transportation, pressurization and metering of high-temperature and high-viscosity polymers. Zhengzhou Meltblown Metering Pump.

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