2017-12-18 melt pumps for extrusion polymer

melt pumps for extrusion polymer play a very good role: Improved Dimensional Stability: Effectively isolates the die from pressure fluctuations upstream, minimizing dimensional tolerances on the extruded product. melt pumps for extrusion polymer can control of melt quality: Adjusting extruder back pressure to reduce residence time, stabilize mastication, and reduce melt temperature. Increase production: Reduce the pressure on the screw requirements, from the original screw to the die pressure to the melt pump die pressure, the screw can be high-speed and efficient extrusion, regardless of the

2017-11-06 vacuum pump chemical resistant

These vacuum pumpscan be used to transfer and evacuate almost all laboratory vapors. They are characterized in particular by the use of resistant materials such as all-round PTFE for the pump head, FFPM for the valves, and KNFs structured diaphragm with a PTFE coating. The Chemical Duty Pump has a chemically-resistant head and diaphragm for use with corrosive chemicals and solvents.Pump comes with 70 cm of 1/4 tubing and a Millex FA50 filter for in-line moisture protection UL listed and CE marked 100 V/50 Hz. Two-stage, chemically resistant diaphragm type pump. Connections are for an 8 mm inne

2017-10-23 What is a melt pump? Melt pump applications

Melt pump is mainly used for high temperature and high viscosity polymer melt transport, pressurization, measurement. Foreign widely used in plastics, resins, rubber, chemical fiber products, extrusion molding. Such as: granulation, film, pipe, sheet, sheet, man-made fibers, optical fiber, medical plastic catheter and other industries. With the increasing development of the machinery industry, melt pump in the domestic market is gradually adopted by the industry, the application. Batte Melt Pump Zhengzhou Co., Ltd. is a professional melt pumps supplier and manufacturer. We integrate design, ma

2015-12-12 Rubber gear pump operation parameters

Rubber gear pump is used for rubber extrusion machine, and can reduce pressure on the rubber extruder. Rubber gear pump operation parameters and other details are shown as the following information.

2015-12-12 Gear pumps for rubber application

Gear pumps for rubber application are high precision gear pump for metering and pressure generation tasks. Rubber gear pumps provide a reliable means to increase capacity of existing lines.

2015-12-12 Extrusion gear pump

Extrusion gear pump is melt pump used for extrusion lines. Compact and compatible are the outstanding properties. Technical features show the detailed information about these extrusion melt pumps.

2015-12-12 Melt pump spare parts, repairs and optimization

Melt pump spare parts are available world-wide and even for other brands of gear pumps. Repairs and optimization also are our main service, as well as special pumps, metering systems, and other related products.

2015-12-12 Melt pump types

Melt pump types can be classified as per the gear pump applications, such as chemical pumps, polymer pumps, booster pumps, extrusion pumps, master batch pumps, pipeline pumps, and other types of pump.

2015-12-12 Stainless steel metering gear pump

Stainless steel metering gear pump is a kind of gear pump for transport and metering with or without hydraulic or electric heating. This metering gear pump is ideal for cosmetic and food management.

2015-12-12 High-pressure gear pump for viscous fluids

High-pressure gear pump for viscous fluids is booster gear pump designed for applications that deal with polymer treatment. This melt pump is dominantly composed of shaft and friction bearing units.