2015-11-16 Ultra-high pressure extrusion pumps

Ultra-high pressure extrusion pumps can withstand all pressures. Batte is the specialist when it comes to working under pressure! The extrusion pumps types, benefits, and applications are as follows.

2015-11-16 Gear pump system for elastomeric applications

Gear pump system for elastomeric applications is proven components for real users, from a single source. High-quality and proven components are used in the system. The advantages and specifications are also satisfying.

2015-11-16 Melt pump systems

Melt pump systems include Chemical and Industrial Pumps, Elastomer Extrusion Pumps, etc. Melt pump system applications, features, advantages, properties, and other detailed information can be offered.

2015-11-14 Melt gear pump systems

Melt gear pump systems are the main parts of industrial production. As a supplier of melt gear pumps of the highest quality, Batte manufactures are used today for conveying polymer melts, chemicals and even lubricants.

2015-11-14 Discharge melt pumps

Discharge melt pumps are used in the chemical process industry, and silicones, resins, fats and other aggressive substances in all conceivable forms are available for this type discharge gear pump.

2015-11-14 Stainless steel melt pumps

Stainless steel melt pumps are gear pumps for chemical processing industry. The applications of stainless steel gear pumps involve ultra-pure, corrosive, high-viscosity or extremely hot melt media.

2015-11-14 Industrial Gear Pumps

Industrial Gear Pumps include common gear pumps, internal gear pumps, Seal-less Internal Gear Pumps, Twin Screw, and Multi-phase Pumps. The industrial pump technology is introduced as following details.

2015-11-14 Melt pump gear design

Melt pump gear design commonly includes spur gear design, helical gear design, and herringbone gear design. Each of them has different advantages, and suitable for different melt gear pumps.

2015-11-14 Melt pump seal

Melt pump seal include many types, such as single mechanical seal, vacuum mechanical seal, double mechanical seal, magnetic coupling - seal design, Viscoseal, Vakuum viscoseal with stuffing box, stuffing box, etc. Melt pump seal methods: Single mechanical seal: The single mechanical seal (ED) is the standard seal for chemical gear pumps. It is suitable for max. viscosity of 10 to 50 Pas. Vacuum mechanical seal (AD), buffered: The single mechanical seal with buffered fluid (AD) in specially design

2015-11-14 Precision melt gear pump

Precision melt gear pump is made of stainless steel, and used for conveying and metering of fluids with medium to low viscosity. The technical features, operating parameters, applications, and other details are as follows.