Melt pump types

Melt pump types can be classified as per the gear pump applications, such as chemical pumps, polymer pumps, booster pumps, extrusion pumps, master batch pumps, pipeline pumps, and other types of pump.

Chemical gear pumps     polymer gear pump

Melt pump types:
1). Chemical gear pumps:

High-precision gear pump for transferring and metering viscous fluids
Magnetic-drive gear pump for transfer, transport and metering flammable products
Chemical mini gear pump for transfer, transport and metering viscous fluids

2). Polymer gear pumps:
High-pressure gear pump for reactor discharge for viscous fluids
Melt pump for melted polymer tranfert

3). Extrusion gear pumps:
High-pressure gear pump for molten plastics
Sheet extrusion melt pump: for sheet extrusion

4). Other types of gear pumps:
Booster gear pump for transfer and high-pressure viscous polymer fluids
Stainless steel gear pump for transport and metering fluids with low- to medium-viscosity content
Melt pump for master batch applications and for quick color change

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