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Rubber gear pump operation parameters

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Rubber gear pump is used for rubber extrusion machine, and can reduce pressure on the rubber extruder. Rubber gear pump operation parameters and other details are shown as the following information.

rubber gear pump

Rubber gear pump operation parameters:
Viscosity: Up to 30.000 Pas
Temperature: Up to 160 °C (320 °F), for rubber 80°C (176 °F) to 110°C (230 °F)
Suction Pressure: Up to 120 bar (1.740 psig)
Differential Pressure: Up to 250 bar (3.626 psig) with high pressure design up to 350 bar (5.076 psig)
Discharge pressure: Up to 350 bar (5.076 psig) with high pressure design up to 450 bar (6.526 psig)
The values listed are maximum values and must not coincide under certain circumstances.

We also can design and manufacture rubber gear pump and other type melt pump as your operation parameters, specifications, and requirements.

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