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melt pumps for extrusion polymer

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melt pumps for extrusion polymer play a very good role:

Improved Dimensional Stability: Effectively isolates the die from pressure fluctuations upstream, minimizing dimensional tolerances on the extruded product.

melt pumps for extrusion polymer can control of melt quality: Adjusting extruder back pressure to reduce residence time, stabilize mastication, and reduce melt temperature.

Increase production: Reduce the pressure on the screw requirements, from the original screw to the die pressure to the melt pump die pressure, the screw can be high-speed and efficient extrusion, regardless of the size of the pressure required to establish, have provided very high effectiveness.

Reduce the use of raw materials: the final product of the final product size changes small, reduce waste and reduce scrap rates.

Eliminate Fluctuation and Screw Impact: Effectively address pressure fluctuations due to melt density or extruder parameters.

Increased extruder flexibility: Allows for changing process conditions such as higher feed rates, temperature, pressure, etc.

Reasonable operation and operation: pressure closed-loop control, PLC or only instrument.

Extend the service life of the extruder: Reduce the extrusion pressure of the extruder, reduce the working strength of the extruder, greatly delay the wear of the screw and the screw barrel, and prolong the life of the extruder.

Low operating costs: to provide more accurate measurement of delivery, to avoid waste of raw materials.

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