2017-12-11 Effiency Polymer gear pump in plastics extrusion

The performance and feature of melt gear pump in the polymer processing was introduced, and the purpose and characteristic of melt gear pump for plastic and rubber extrusion waslisted.Gear pump is usually used in conjunction with single or twin screw extruders. In this paper, thegear pump and its applications in extrusion system are introduced.Melt pump-assisted extrusion can be used in sheet, cast, blow and mold, it has a bright future. Effiency Polymer gear pump in plastics extrusion Specifications Brand Name: BATTE Usage: Polymer Melt Gear Pump Pressure: High Pressure Application: transport

2017-12-04 Hot-melt pump extrusion

Hot-melt pumpextrusion is one of the most widely applied processing technologies in the plastic, rubber and food industry. Today this technology has found its place in the array of pharmaceutical manufacturing operations. Melt extrusion process are currently applied in the pharmaceutical field for the manufacture of a variety of dosage forms and formulations such as granules, pellets, tablets, suppositories, implants, stents, transdermal systems and ophthalmic inserts. This review article in detail describes the melt extrusion equipment and process. Industrial application of this process along

2015-09-28 How to achieve metering function of melt pump?

The melt pump has excellent function, also known as metering gear pumps are widely used in the extruder . In the area by gear pump outlet side (nesting area), two gear teeth and the alveolar continuous into closed or engaged state space dis

2014-03-07 How to choose a melt pump?

Zhengzhou Batte is a sale of gear pumps, metering pumps, melt pump based manufacturer. Our company is divided into single-axis drive gear pump gear pump, dual-axis drive gear pumps for illiquid melt, our unique designs to pull off a good ex

2014-03-05 How does melt pump's specialty play?

Has broad applicability to melt extruder gear pump combination obtained so that the device can be benign with a wide field of application, in fact, such a device can be a variety of different plastics processing, and produce a variety of pr

2014-03-05 Does Plastic extrusion melt pump have any restrictions?

Although the plastic melt extrusion gear pumps have been widely used, but in the processing of plastics containing fillers or special modifier is still limited, the dispersion of its various components, compatibility with plastics and abras

2014-03-03 For Batte,what is the kind situation of the foreign and domestic?

So far, we have a third of the products are foreign trade. In other words, domestic or accounted for a relatively large part of our company. In fact, the Chinese products in the international market is very competitive. Because the price of

2014-03-03 How to control the melt pump of Batte quality and security?

About Our product quality assurance: first, in the selection of raw materials, we will use high-quality materials, to prevent shoddy phenomenon; Second, on the production line, we have strict quality control system checks, and have someone

2014-03-01 How does melt pump booster?

The melt pump, the pump outlet when the melt resistance of the mold material produced by the melt gear pump like a piston cylinder barrel, the melt is applied to the discharge zone squeezing action to achieve melt pump booster function. Mea

2014-02-27 Which melt pump the most economical?

Plastic extrusion pump into the economy, standard, non-pulsating type, enhanced and high-temperature high-pressure type. Standard is the most economical. Nitride surface melt pump selection criteria, such as domestic production process usua